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Russia Travel Insurance

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Wherever you are going to travel, it's important to have serious travel insurance before the trip. Travel insurance is your safety bag protecting you from certain financial risks that you can experience while traveling. Check the detailed information on travel Insurance for Russia in this article.

Travel Insurance for Russia

One of the documents required to obtain a Russian visa is travel insurance, covering at least basic emergency medical assistance and hospital expenses. It has to have at least the same validity dates as your visa.

You may have this insurance already as part of your credit card policy, and in this case, you’ll need to provide an official confirmation letter (be it an e-mail or an old-school paper letter) from the credit card issuer, explicitly confirming that your travel insurance covers your Russia trip.

NHS health insurance of the United Kingdom citizens is valid in Russia, it promises hospital treatments free of charge but won’t cover any private treatments or non-health-related accidents, such as luggage loss or flight cancellation.

If neither of the mentioned above is your case, you will need to purchase travel insurance. Usually, it’s possible to buy it directly from the insurance agency or via an online application and it will cost you around 35-55$ a week, depending on the coverage. For our US and Canadian clients we recommend considering Travel Guard or the Allianz company (you can read more about it here), and the 1Cover Travel Insurance company if you’re from Australia.

In case of a medical emergency, some insurance policies provide direct payments to the hospital, but mostly you will have to pay on the spot and claim the money upon arrival. Keep in mind that to be able to collect the insurance money, you will need to keep all receipts and documentation from the hospital or doctor's office.