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Due to the pretty impressive size and the regular influx of tourists, it’s no surprise that Russia has a number of big international airports, located almost in every large city. In this piece, let’s get a closer look at the main Russian airports.

What to Know about Russian Airports

There's a lot you should know about the main airports in Russia before booking your flight tickets. Therefore, we hope you find the following overview of the airports in Vladivostok, Kazan, St. Petersburg, and Moscow useful.

Moscow Airports

There are 3 international airports in Moscow, located at different distances from the capital: Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Sheremetyevo. Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo are the largest and most popular ones, as most international flights are performed from them. All the airports are connected with the Russian capital by public transport, including buses, shuttle buses (the least convenient option due to the heavy Moscow traffic), and Aeroexpress trains that depart from the railway station Paveletsky (to Domodedovo), Savelovsky and Belorusky (to Sheremetyevo), and Kievsky (to Vnukovo).

Main airports in Russia

The Sheremetyevo International Airport is considered the busiest airport in Russia by the passenger turnover of more than 40 million people annually. It is located 29 km (18 miles) northwest of central Moscow and has 5 terminals with modern infrastructure. Sheremetyevo's territory also provides 4 hotels, VIP and Business lounges, numerous shops, cafes, and a lot more.

Main airports in Russia

The second-largest Moscow airport is Domodedovo, which is set 42 km (26 miles) away from Moscow. This international airport serves around 30 million passengers every year, performing flights to more than 240 destinations. All flights are served by only one passenger terminal, housed in a huge building of 135 sqm (1453 sq ft).

Main airports in Russia

Moscow's closest airport, Vnukovo, is the third busiest airport in Russia, located 28 km (approximately 17 miles) southwest of the capital's city center. Annually, the airport performs more than 170 thousand flights of Russian and international airlines, covering the routes of the entire territory of Russia and the countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Name: Domodedovo Moscow Airport
Address: Moscow Oblast, Russia
IATA code: DME
Distance to the city center: 42 km/26 mi


Name: Vnukovo Airport
Address: Vnukovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia
IATA code: VKO
Distance to the city center: 28 km/17.39 mi


Name: Sheremetyevo - A.S. Pushkin International Airport
Address: Khimki, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 141400
IATA code: SVO
Distance to the city center: 29 km/18 mi

St. Petersburg Airport

The only airport serves the Northern capital of Russia, Pulkovo, one of Russia's largest and most dynamically developing air transport hubs. December 2013 was marked by an important event in the life of Saint Petersburg when the new terminal at Pulkovo Airport received its first passengers. The construction was finished in record time as the new airport was built in 40 months, which is an unprecedentedly short time for a facility of such level.

Main airports in Russia


Nowadays, the Pulkovo International Airport has located only 23 km (14 miles) south of the city center and serves around 16 million travelers annually. The airport can be reached by taxi or bus. If you don’t mind using public transport, there is quite an extensive schedule of buses departing from the metro station “Moskovskaya.”

Name: Pulkovo International Airport
Address: Pulkovskoye Shosse, д. 41, лит. ЗИ, St Petersburg, Russia, 196140
IATA code: LED
Distance to the city center: 23 km/14.29 mi

Kazan Airport

If you plan to enrich your itinerary with such a Russian gem as the Republic of Tatarstan, to get there faster and easier, you can use the Kazan International Airport, located only 25 km (16 miles) southeast of gorgeous Kazan. The airport celebrated its birthday on September 15, 1979, when Kazan's first flight to Sochi was performed. However, the airport of Kazan became international only in 1986.

Main airports in Russia

In recent days, the Kazan International Airport serves more than 2,5 million passengers. Moreover, in 2017, the airport was recognized as the "Best Regional Airport in Russia and the CIS" four times in a row.

Name: Kazan International Airport
Address: Ulitsa Aeroport, 1, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, 420017
IATA code: KZN
Distance to the city center: 25 km/15.5 mi

Vladivostok Airport

Vladivostok International Airport, formerly known as Knevichi Airport, is located 4.5 km (3 miles) from the city of Artyom and 38 km (23 miles) from Vladivostok itself.

The airport became international in 1992. Now, Vladivostok's airport has 2 terminals: international, located in a three-story building, and domestic, accepting local flights. You can access the airport by bus from both Vladivostok and Artyom, by Aeroexpress, or by taxi.

We hope that after reading this airport guide you feel more prepared for your trip and that you are looking forward to traveling in Russia. If you do need some travel assistance, keep in mind, that we are here to help.

Name: Vladivostok International Airport
Address: Vladimira Saybelya St, 41, Artyom, Primorsky Krai, Russia, 692756
IATA code: VVO
Distance to the city center: 44 km/27 mi