Should you Book a Northern Lights Tour in Advance?

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It's paradoxical, yet travelers who plan their Northern Lights trips way ahead of time and those travelers who take off on such journeys spontaneously both have more or less equal chances to witness the famous Northern Lights. And this is the painful truth.

How to Book Northern Lights Tour?

You can plan your tour as early as a couple of years in advance, use the services of best tour operators and still fail to see the beautiful lights illuminating the winter sky, while others might be lucky to witness Aurora Borealis on their first attempt without actually putting much effort into planning. So why book your Northern Lights tour in advance? We have been organizing Northern Lights tours to Scandinavia, Lapland and Russia for more than 10 years and in most cases, we advise our travelers to book their tour way before the high season (mid-August) starts. Not because there are more chances of actually seeing the Northern Lights, but for a simple yet highly important reason - availability.

Get the best tour package

Northern Lights seekers and enthusiasts flock to Scandinavia all year-round, let it be breezy summertime or freezing winter, you can meet hundreds of Aurora Borealis "hunters" prepared to witness the most spectacular lights fill the sky.

The Northern Lights occur year-round, even so, the high season for Aurora seeking starts from mid-August to the end of September and from mid-November to mid-April, when we can expect clearer skies and more darkness. Try booking any tour to Norway, Finland, Sweden or Iceland during this period and you will see how much more time and efforts it will take you to plan your adventure.

Northern Lights

Not only will the hotels be fully booked out, but you might actually not find any tour packages left. From our experience, we know that tours to Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland sell fast during the high season and even though you might still find flight tickets, there won't be any great tour options left.

Best Northern Lights Destinations:

  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Iceland

Get the best hotels

You can’t plan things like the weather in advance but as for accommodation, it can be easily arranged 12 or even 18 months prior your trip. Scandinavia and especially Lapland are popular destinations and if you want to make sure you get a nice and cozy hotel during your preferred dates, booking at least a year in advance is the way to go.

Wild Lofotens

Availability is often limited for such unique accommodation options like glass-igloos, ice or snow hotels. Staying overnight in a glass-igloo or an ice hotel is an unforgettable and comfortable way to enjoy starry skies. According to our travelers, particularly staying at Glass-igloos is the best option for the Northern Lights trip. Glass igloos are usually available all through the Northern Lights season from mid-August till mid-April. It is one of the most popular and exciting ways to admire the Northern Lights, plus staying at a glass-roofed igloo increases your chances of seeing the Northern Lights and guarantees you a cozy and exciting sleep beneath the sky. That's why, for our travelers who want to have this extraordinary accommodation, we recommend booking "Northern Lights" tour packages as soon as possible. This way they can have a stress-free Northern Lights holiday and the best and unique accommodation options.

Unique Accommodation Options:

  • Glass Igloos
  • Snow Hotels
  • Ice Hotels
  • Arctic Resorts

Get rich tours & more entertainment

Some independent travelers ask us whether or not it will be possible to book aurora-tours once they arrive at the destination. Yes, of course, definitely. Like there are hundreds of guides in Italy near the famous Vatican and Colosseum, a similar situation awaits travelers in Scandinavia (especially Norway) during the Aurora hunting season. You will be able to find many companies and guides offering to take you to the most popular aurora-viewing destinations. But will you actually see any swirls and rays fill the sky? There is no guarantee of that.

Wild Lofotens

That’s why we always advise our travelers to "go to the destination" and "natural beauty" rather than only seek for Aurora Borealis. Aurora hunting can be a fun, entertaining, educational and beautiful experience in itself even if you don’t witness the phenomenon.

Thus, if you like to book a proper tour that would not only take you to the aurora-seeing place, but actually include a comprehensive tour program, comfortable transportation, and multiple activities along the way - always book in advance, tours like these are popular and their availability is limited.

Get better weather & experiences

We always tell our travelers, never plan your Northern Lights tour with only one goal in mind "to see the Northern Lights", see Aurora seeking as a bonus of your trip, plan your time around other activities besides it and you will never be disappointed with your vacation. Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland all have astonishing spots to experience Northern Lights and amazing nature to enjoy on the way, that’s why choose the best time for your trip, not only for your "hunting". Take some time and find the best travel package tour with multiple activities, arrange them in advance and don’t miss great experiences.

Scandinavian weather is unreliable and Aurora-tours, unfortunately, depend on it. That’s why some travelers think it is better to book tours for Aurora seeking whilst they are at the destination, so they have a better idea what the weather is like. Darkness and clear sky are a must for the Northern Lights to be seen which often means that the temperature has to be below freezing. Here you can check the forecast for Aurora.

Somewhere in Scandinavia

We agree that checking the weather is always a good idea, but the Northern Lights is a highly unpredictable phenomenon and we are sure that if you are an overseas traveler, it won’t be the smartest decision to wait till you are at the destination and not to book the tour because of the weather. We bet you will try your luck anyway regardless of any obstacles, so why not to book in advance? Usually, you will spend around 12 days in Scandinavia and most of the companies will try to find the most suitable day for your Aurora-trip.

Exceptional Activities to Enjoy in Scandinavia:

  • Aurora Hunting
  • Dog Sledding
  • Reindeer Safari
  • Fjord Cruise
  • Meeting a Sami Family
  • Sauna Experience

Get the best price

Yes, booking in advance has another great reason - better rates. When booking early, travel companies can get you better prices for hotels, Aurora-tours, transportation, additional tours, winter activities.

Wild Lofotens

Early bird specials are usually applied for your next year tour, so planning a year ahead is one of the best options to save your budget and this is what we usually advise our travelers to do. Scandinavian countries are among the most expensive ones in the world, so why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Get more comfort & tranquility

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There is never a 100% probability of a perfect Northern Lights display but not booking in advance minimizes it even more. When you book with us, Firebird Tours, we take care of your trip from the moment you arrive till the last day of your journey and make sure you not only go Northern Lights seeking but discover the best natural places and have a relaxing and unforgettable vacation.

Who should book in advance?

  • Overseas & leisure travelers;
  • Those who want to get the best vacation packages;
  • Those who want to have a stress-free vacation;
  • Those who want the best accommodation & transportation options;
  • Those who want to stay in glass-igloos;
  • Those who want to see the best of the destination and fully enjoy nature;
  • Those who prefer comfort and clock-work logistics;
  • Those who want to get the best rates.

We hope that this advice will help you arrange your Northern Lights tour in a way that suits you the best! Plus you can always feel free to contact our destination specialists if you have any questions.