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Before going to a chosen country, every real traveler has to know a few important cultural etiquette rules, such as tipping. Planning to visit Norway? Learn more to know about tipping culture there.

How to Tip in Norway

Traveling overseas, you'll surely come across the question of should I tip in Norway? And, if "yes," how much money would be regarded as a fair tip?

Without a doubt, you should first and foremostly know that giving a tip to a waiter, driver, guide, etc., is not obligatory and totally up to you. Interestingly, the average tip in Norway is customarily much smaller than that in other European countries, partly because the tip is already included in the bill. Some locals say that giving a tip is sometimes considered inappropriate (which can be easily explained by the rather large overall paychecks of those who work in Norway). Thus, it can even be said that leaving tips in Norway isn't a very common thing.


In the simplest terms, Norway's tip etiquette doesn't have strict boundaries. For instance, if you were super happy with your sightseeing program and would like to tip your tour guide in Norway, 50 to 80 Norwegian Krones (about 5 to 10 USD in equivalent) would be regarded as nice gesture of gratitude. If you're satisfied with the service you were provided, say that you may leave about 5 or 10 extra Norwegian Krones or a maximum of 5% from the bill in a restaurant.

Important to Know!
Giving a tip to a waiter, driver, guide, etc., is not obligatory and totally up to you.

To sum up, tipping is not mandatory in Norway. However, if you feel like expressing your appreciation, don't hesitate to leave about 5 to 10 USD for a waiter, guide, or another service.