Tipping in Russia

Tipping in Russia

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Tipping culture is widely spread through all continents, though not all countries have it. In many countries like the USA, customers expect that tips motivate better service, while in Japan, tipping is considered arrogance and pity, but how about tipping in Russia?

Restaurant Prices & Giving Tips in Russia

Giving tips is common in Russia yet voluntary. If you are happy with the provided service, you are welcome to express your gratitude by leaving a tip.

If you wish to leave a tip in a restaurant, a standard 5-10% of the bill's total is considered appropriate in Russian tipping etiquette. Tip in cash, give money directly to the waiter, or leave the sum in the bill before leaving. In some restaurants, tipping is already included in the final bill (in this case, there will be a "service charge" line in your check).


To be able to plan your budget properly, it's useful to know, that an average check in a fine Moscow restaurant for a several-course meal with wine starts from 30$ per person. Whereas a check in a mid-range cafe or restaurant is approximately 7-15$. A meal in a budget cafe will cost 3-7$.

Ordering a drink in a bar, it's a common practice to tip the bartender. Some regular customers prefer to leave bigger than usual "10% of the check" tips to "befriend" the bartender and avoid waiting in lines to get their drinks.

When you order a pizza (or any other delivery), the tips for the delivery guys and girls are often included in the price of the desired item from the start. In this case, there is no need for the tip. If the service is positioned as "free of charge", the delivery worker will appreciate a tip.

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In a hotel, it's usual to tip the porter/bellboy something in a range of 1-3$ (30-90 RUB in local currency) per bag, 2-3$ (60-90 RUB) per day to the housekeeper, and, in case the concierge provides you any extra service, a 5$ (300 RUB) tip will be highly appreciated.

If you are satisfied with the service provided, you may give a 15$ tip to a guide who worked with you for 4 hours, 8-12$ to a driver. But keep in mind that guides at museums and various exhibitions might get in trouble with their managers for accepting a tip.

Standard tips in Russia:

  • In a restaurant 5-10%
  • In a hotel 1-5$
  • To a guide (~4 hours service) 15$
  • To a driver (~4 hours service) 8-12$

To sum up, it's always good to know the cultural details before travel to Russia, including tipping etiquette. To be clear, tipping in Russia is not customary, but if you feel like wanting to express your appreciation, don't hesitate to tip a waiter or a driver.