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Venice, Italy

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Hospitable Italy is so rich in various attractions that it’s simply impossible to count them all in one piece. We are excited to introduce you to the most visited attractions in Italy in the hope that it will inspire you to discover this gorgeous sun-kissed land during your next vacation.

Top Italy Attractions

Apart from being home to an impressive number of historical and cultural masterpieces, including magnificent museums, gorgeous palaces, and medieval castles, the region is also proud of its fascinating natural gems as lakes, volcanoes, caves, and mountains. As the list of best places to go in Italy is endlessly long, we’ve selected the most famous landmarks every traveler desires to discover. As the list of best places to go in Italy is endlessly long, we’ve selected the most famous landmarks every traveler desires to discover.

The Eternal City and Gladiators' heritage

It would be strange not to start the list from the capital of Italy, ancient Rome. One of the most grandiose structures in the world which have survived till our days is the Colosseum which once served as a huge amphitheater for gladiator matches, now this legendary monument is a true calling card of Rome as well as entire Italy.

Rome, Italy

One more iconic sight of Rome and must-see in Italy is the legendary Trevi Fountain. The Baroque style marble fountain is not only an amazing photo spot but a prosperous breadwinner as well. According to the local belief, a tourist who tosses a coin to the Trevi Fountain will return to Rome one day again. Can you imagine that annually this Roman destination ‘earns’ about 1,5 million euros? Would you like to follow the tradition as well? If so, don't forget to include this sight in your Italy travel plan.

Popular Rome Attractions:

  • The Colosseum
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Roman Forum
  • St. Peter's Basilica

The center of Catholicism

Any Roman holiday won’t do without visiting the place of pilgrimage for all Catholics of the world, the Vatican. The inner sanctum of this tiny independent state inside Rome's city is St. Peter’s Basilica and the Piazza San Pietro. This one-of-a-kind cathedral is soaked in history as states and nations' fate was decided inside these walls.

Exploring the Vatican, it would be a mistake to overlook its Museums holding a great collection of art and the world-famous Sistine Chapel with the extravagant painting on the ceiling of the authorship of Michelangelo himself.

Popular Vatican Attractions:

  • Sistine Chapel
  • Saint Peter's Square
  • Gardens of Vatican
  • St. Peter's Basilica

Outstanding sights of the Fashion capital

You may be surprised to find out that the largest Italian cathedral is located not in Rome, but actually in Milan! One of the most impressive Gothic cathedrals in the country, Duomo di Milano, features fantastic marble decorations and is a must-see sight of Milan's historic part.

Milan, Italy

Even if you are not that religious, you will still appreciate the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, the Last Supper. The mural is displayed at the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and is something you can’t miss.

Popular Milan Attractions:

  • Duomo di Milano
  • Teatro alla Scala
  • Sforzesco Castle
  • Sempione Park

All Italian geniuses at one place

Can’t wait to see the works of art of the brightest Italians? Then you should head to Florence, which is home to one of the most known galleries on the planet, the Uffizi Gallery. The impressive collection of paintings and sculptures will definitely satisfy your hunger for art.

Florence, Italy

Another Florence destination added to the top places to visit in Italy is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, which towers the city and offers stunning views across Florence.

Popular Florence Attractions:

  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
  • Pitti Palace
  • Accademia Gallery
  • Uffizi Gallery

Treasures of Southern Italy

The top destinations of the Italian south include the colorful Amalfi Coast with the most scenic Italy vacation spots including Palermo, Sorrento, and Ravello; the motherland of pizza, Naples with the famous Royal Palace and the fortress Castel dell'Ovo; and the legendary ancient Roman town of Pompeii destructed by the eruption of Vesuvius.

Amalfi, Italy

Popular Amalfi Destinations:

  • Sorrento
  • Positano
  • Ravello
  • Minori
  • Atrani
  • Maiori

Sicilian gems

The isle of Sicily has gained popularity among travelers due to its gorgeous beaches, and unique locations found nowhere else in the world. These Sicily attractions are the archeological complex of the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento, the ancient theater of Taormina, the lovely city of Catania at the foot of Mount Etna, and the hometown of Archimede, Syracuse.

Sicily, Italy

Still not enough? You can also enrich your Italian bucket list with such Italian landmarks as the so-called Italian Riviera, charming Cinque Terre, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Montague and Capulet families' home, Verona, and the city of canals and carnivals, splendid Venice.

Popular Sicily Destinations:

  • Palermo
  • Catania
  • Syracuse
  • Taormina