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If you're about to go to Spain for the very first time be prepared - as it might become your passion. España is unlike any other country in Europe, it is truly a unique and diverse place encompassing idyllic beaches, snow-capped mountains, jaw-dropping architecture, and fiery people.

Some say it is the perfect getaway and is the best place to recuperate, yet there much more to Spain vacations than just a casual beach holiday. This is our overview of the top 5 must-visits in Spain.


First things first: if you haven't seen Antoni Gaudi's magnificent masterpieces you can consider that you haven't been to Barcelona.


Visit fairytale-like Park Guell that reminds a colorful kaleidoscope. Stop at the world-famous unfinished beauty the Sagrada Familia this surreal cathedral can blow your mind away. Another thing you definitely need to visit in Barcelona is Picasso Museum. Check out this blog post about Spain museums to learn more.

Barcelona is among Spain's top travel destinations offering tourists everything they're looking for: historic architecture, bustling energetic bars and cafes, good shopping, vibrant culture, and buzzing nightlife. Read more about Barcelona attractions.

What to See in Barcelona:

  • The Sagrada Familia
  • The Park Güell
  • Casa Batllo
  • La Rambla
  • The Cathedral of Barcelona
  • The Montjuïc
  • The Montserrat Peak
  • The Picasso Museum
  • The Ciutadella Park
  • The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


The cosmopolitan capital standing in the crossroads of Spain's national identity can surprise just about anyone. The #1 highlight here is the Prado Museum, considered to be one of the best galleries on the planet.


Stroll down the famous Puerta del Sol square, and of course, Madrid's most beautiful building - the Royal Palace is definitely worth a stop. Read more: 10 Best Things to Do in Madrid.

For a dash of adrenaline, go on a corrida where the country's feistiest bullfighters show off their skills.


Located on a mountaintop just south of Madrid, Toledo is a real gem and among the best things to see in Spain. Interestingly, it is listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage!


It is often called the "City of Three Cultures" as people of different religions and backgrounds have historically lived together here for many centuries. Roam its cobblestone streets and discover something incredible after every turn.

Admire the old mosques, cathedrals, and synagogues as well as other architectural treasures that have made it to our days.

What to See in Toledo:

  • The Army Museum
  • Mirador del Valle
  • The El Greco Museum
  • Alcázar de Toledo
  • The New Bisagra Gate
  • The San Martin's Bridge
  • Ayuntamiento de Toledo
  • The Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca
  • The Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes
  • The Cathedral of Toledo


Boasting a widely diverse culture and stunning landscapes on the continent the biggest town in southern Spain - Seville is worthy of notice.


One of the most famous cities in Spain, lively Seville city is home to Flamenco; thus, going on a dance show here is a must-experience. Among the city's many historic landmarks, the extravagant old Moorish palace Real Alcazar and its luxurious gardens can also be an interesting stop.

And be sure not to forget to try local snacks as Seville is the birthplace of tapas which are served in every one of its bars. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of this and other Spain cities is taking a ride on Spanish railways.


The area has a powerful tradition of fiestas, so when in town, you have a great chance to go out dancing or to participate in an exciting event. This is also the country's most fertile territory, with the town itself densely planted with orange and citrus trees and lemon groves.


What is more, Valencia is among the best places to travel in Spain to taste local treats as the famous delicious Mediterranean dish paella originated in this part of the country.

Apart from incredible modern buildings, Valencia, founded by the Romans, has a very rich historical legacy and many ancient monuments that can be explored.

What to See in Valencia:

  • The Virgin Square
  • Serranos Towers
  • Bullring of Valencia
  • The Colon Market
  • The Oceanografic
  • The Silk Exchange
  • The Cathedral of Valencia
  • The Turia Garden
  • The Central Market of Valencia
  • The City of Arts and Sciences

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