Trains and Buses to Russia

Trains and Buses to Russia

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There are plenty of ways you can travel to Russia. One of the most obvious ones is flying into one of the main Russian airports, but if you are traveling in Europe, you can choose the other two options that we would like to discuss with you today - buses and trains.

Popular Trains and Buses to Russia

If you prefer to start your exploration of Russia as quickly as possible, without a doubt, a plane ride is your best option. But if you believe that the holiday starts after you leave your home and that the journey is just as important as the destination, nothing works better than a comfortable train ride. And, considering that all you've heard about the beauty of Russia's nature is true, it's not a surprise that a lot of people choose the comfort of a train over the plane's speed.

The Helsinki - Saint Petersburg Train

The citizens of Scandinavia, for example, love Russian getaways, and the Alstom Train is the star of the show. It's one of the most popular and convenient ways to travel between the capital of Finland and gorgeous Saint Petersburg.

The train can go as fast as 220 km/h (135 mi/h) and will take you from one amazing city to the other in 3.5 hours. Plus, the border crossing and passport check procedures are taken care of on the go, thus, saving your time.

Trains from Other European Countries

If you plan to travel to Russia from one of the European countries, frankly, a train won't be the most convenient way to travel to Russia. If you do decide to choose to travel by train anyway, among the more popular rail routes is from Warsaw or Berlin to Moscow or Saint Petersburg. The direct train from Berlin to Moscow, for example, takes a bit less than 24 hours and costs around 170 USD. But, keep in mind that all the direct trains from Warsaw and Berlin to Russia go through Belarus which has rather strict visa laws.


Citizens of most European countries need a transit visa to be allowed to transit via Belarus. You can check whether or not you need it, calculate the cost, and read more on the subject here. In case you would prefer to avoid getting a transit visa, you can make your way to Riga or Vilnius and then onward to Moscow or St. Petersburg by train.

Popular train routes to Russia:

  • Paris - Berlin - Moscow
  • Nice - Milan - Moscow
  • Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Moscow

Buses to Russia

Of course, you can always consider a bus as an alternative to taking a train. But buses aren't a popular way of going to Russia, due to the high travel expenses and long travel times.

Buses in Russia

In case you are interested in this mode of transport, there are five popular international connections to choose from: Amsterdam - St. Petersburg, Berlin - Kaliningrad, Hamburg - Kaliningrad, Paris - St. Petersburg, and Prague - St. Petersburg.

All in all, unless you're a real fan of trains or buses, these two means of transportation aren't the most convenient ways to make your way to Russia when compared to flights. Nevertheless, the high-speed Alstom bullet train is a fabulous exception to the previous statement, and we'd certainly recommend taking this train if you plan to arrive in/depart from Russia via Helsinki.