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Wondering what you can do while in Croatia? Well, Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most scenic destinations providing picturesque sights wherever you look. Get ready to be amazed by its fascinating features and make sure to use the tips mentioned below for a better acquaintance with the country.

Always Have Extra Cash

Taking a tour to Croatia, be prudent and always have extra cash in your pocket because some restaurants and almost all private accommodations are cash only. Also, ferries, taxis, and bus transport require payment in kuna, the currency of Croatia. Although Croatia is a member of the EU, it is not a member of the Euro Zone, that is why they don't use the Euro. But don't worry, you don't have to pay in cash in every place. Big hotels, ferry companies, and car rental agencies take credit cards. And you can always find ATMs in every town, airport, ferry terminal, and bus station.


Quick Croatia Facts

  • Location: Southern Europe
  • Capital: Zagreb
  • Currency: Kuna (HRK)
  • Population: 4.076 million

Take a Road Trip

Once you are there, take a road trip. Wondering why? Croatia is worth discovering with its lovely place with stunning cities and towns, impressive beaches and coves, peculiar foods, and incredible cultural riches. By renting a car for at least a day, you can visit unique places like Gornji Grad or Pula Arena and meanwhile enjoy the genuine and remarkable nature of Croatia.

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Croatia is one of the best destinations for a road trip. There you can find scenery views, captivating attractions and last but not least roads in Croatia are in excellent condition.

Buy Travel Insurance

Even if you consider yourself a lucky beggar, be sure to be on the safe side and buy travel insurance. Most likely, everything is going to be okay. But all kinds of things could happen, from lost luggage to health issues. You never know, but buying travel insurance will make you feel confident that whatever happens, the problem will be solved.

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Croatia has more than 1,200 islands, islets, and crags off the coast of the mainland. However, only 48 are inhabited. Hvar and Korcula receive the most visitors of all the islands.

Eat Local

Experiencing the local culture is a huge part of traveling, and trying traditional local food is an integral part of it. Visit the local market and try products from all over Croatia, from the famous Slovanian kulen sausage to sea specialties. Although Croats are not overly experimental when it comes to food, they are very passionate about it. Food culture is on the rise here, so you surely won't be disappointed if trying it. Don't forget to visit some small shops like a bakery or butchery. After all, in places like this, you can fully immerse into Croatian culture.

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Choose Your Transport Wisely

Unlike the rest of Europe, the Croatian train network is underdeveloped, which is not the best way to explore the country. The bus network, on the contrary, is relatively developed and viable. Taxis also could be not the best choice. They are pretty expensive and, in most cases, not worth it. Instead of taking a taxi, you can use the bus, and both save money and get a chance to feel like a real Croatian. Boats are also a good choice if you want to take a little cruise and experience something new.

Croatia boats

Hum in Northwestern Croatia is considered to be the smallest town in the world. Only 17 people live in this town, according to Guiness World Records.

Book Ahead

Be aware that ferries, local flights, and buses to and from popular destinations in the summer can fill up quickly. That is why it's wise to book transport at least a month ahead if you know the exact date. Not only transportation but also hotels might be filled up in summer. Use this Croatian travel advice and book the perfect accommodation in advance.

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All in all, when planning your tour to Croatia, make sure to follow the primary recommendations, then your trip will be filled only with excellent and memorable experiences. But, of course, it's up to you to use these Croatian travel tips and make the most of your journey.