Travel Tips For Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Travel Tips For Norwegian Fjords Cruise

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The landscape of Norwegian fjords has been shaped for thousands of years, molding the stunning natural beauty that Norway is noted for - different variations of fjords, luring islands, falling waterfalls, and white sandy beaches.

Formed during the ice age, this distinctive landscape surprisingly hasn’t changed a great deal since the time ice started melting. This is why thousands of travelers have Norway placed on the very top of their bucket lists, as in the fjords you can find the best that this Scandinavian beauty can offer from the desolated rocky islands to the largest cities.

Only a short travel time away, Norway can take you from its most inhabited areas to the smallest native local communities & villages, each with its own cultural heritage, making for a unique lifetime travel experience that one will regret missing out on!

Just Start Planning

Norwegian fjords are definitely one of the most amazing places to travel to in your life. Many of the most visited areas are declared as World Heritage Sites.

And the biggest advantage of cruising Norway is that you get to visit the prettiest places in just a few days, taking in the maximum amount of spectacular views of naturally formed landscapes throughout the coast.

Norway Cruise

It won’t get boring for sure, even passing the tiny different villages and exploring some of them during cruise ships stops will be an adventurous experience.

And to top it off, your well-equipped cruise room will have probably the best scenic window view you've ever had on any holiday.

Top Norway Fjords to Visit:

  • Geirangerfjord
  • Nærøyfjord
  • Aurlandsfjord
  • Lysefjord
  • Trollfjord
  • Oslofjord
  • Nordfjord
  • Hjørundfjord
  • Sognefjord
  • Hardangerfjord

Why Take a Cruise?

Cruising is the best option to visit Norwegian fjords as some of the places visited have only 200-300 permanent residents and thus really low hotel's capacities. Taking the cruise to visit the fjords will allow you to experience the local native environment and charm of small Norwegian cities located right next to the fjords.

Norway Cruise Ship

The travel distances aren't very long nor exhausting when on a ship, whereas visiting the fjords by car or bus might be tiring, because most of the routes go through and around the mountains and prolong even the shortest drive to several hours.

Plus the cruise ship itself is like a hotel on the move equipped with all the necessary facilities, letting you enjoy the beautiful Norwegian coastline to the fullest while cruising the fjords.

Norwegian Fjords Cruises: Best Time to Go

The summertime is without a doubt the best time to cruise Norwegian fjords. The Hurtigruten cruise operates throughout the whole year but during the summer season the sea is calm and still, helping you forget that you’re even out in the sea.

Keep in mind though that the season is quite short, starting from the beginning of May and ending at the end of September. Another unique natural experience that you can experience during the cruise in the summer is when the cruise ship crosses the Arctic Circle.

Norwegian Fjords

Norway is set so high in the north, that this is one of the highlights of the journey, plus the sun is actually visible for the full 24 hours within summer months. For travelers, who are more interested in the combined experience of seeing Northern Lights and the fjords on the same trip, the winter season might be the perfect time to set off on the adventure.

Think about cruising Norway in summertime. From late June to the beginning of August summer is at its high peak and during this time it barely gets dark, the days are commonly bright and sunny.

Whats the Weather Like in Summer?

Even though Norway's name comes from the old word meaning “way north”, its climate is quite pleasant compared to other often visited countries in the same latitude.

The Gulf Stream shapes Norway's mild climate and the temperature in the summer reaches an average of 25°C (77°F), sometimes even higher. From late June to the beginning of August summer is at its high peak and during this time it barely gets dark, the days are commonly bright and sunny.

Norway Cruise

Of course, there are differences as you travel further north, the temperature will get lower, however, it’s still pleasant to enjoy the part of your vacation in the almost extreme north and its untouched nature.

What to Pack for Your Trip?

Though the weather during the summer is quite pleasant, it is advised to have different layers of clothes that you could use, as Norwegian weather is liable to change from day to day.

It is highly recommended to pack a waterproof and windproof jacket because there is always the possibility to get rainy and windy weather even in July, so it’s better to be prepared then to get cold and wet. Comfortable walking shoes are essential as well, as some of the time might be spent climbing the rocky parts and walking on the wet base.

Having a warmer jacket is also a good idea, even during the summer, nights and late evenings can get quite chilly. Don’t forget to pack your camera! The landscape and sceneries are just amazing and you will surely be taking lots of pictures.

Norway Travel

A pair of sunglasses might be handy as well and will help you enjoy the views during the sunny days. Some travelers note that having an eye-mask to wear during the night helps a lot - as mentioned previously it barely gets dark during the summertime despite the shutters installed in cabins.

Apart from these basic things, it’s likely that you will need a swimsuit, sunscreen lotion, and gym shorts to enjoy the indoor pool and gym facilities. Most of the Norwegian fjords cruises are provided with these facilities and are accessible throughout the whole time.

Norway Travel Packing List

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Walking shoes
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen lotion

All in all, when planning your cruise feel free to talk with cruise travel experts and make sure to follow the basic recommendations, then your trip will be smooth and cozy with lot’s charming memories from one of the most scenic trips you have ever taken. Don't hesitate to contact our fjords cruises specialist and get special recommendations for your trip.