Traveling Between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Sapsan Train

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Have you explored the capital of Russia and are ready for another city? Hop on the Sapsan train and make your way to another gorgeous destination in Russia - St. Petersburg! If you are interested to learn more about traveling between these two cities, read on. Also, don't forget that this is a great opportunity to learn interesting facts about the Russian language.

From Moscow to St. Petersburg Train Route

The route between Moscow and St. Petersburg stands among the most popular ones in Russia as it connects the two Russian capitals (aka the most popular tourist destinations in the country). The variety of transportation options is quite diverse, and you may choose from flights, trains, and buses which are at your disposal aplenty.

Traveling options:

  • The Red Arrow train
  • The Sapsan high-speed train
  • Buses

Flights Moscow to St. Petersburg

The fastest way to travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg that first comes to mind is by plane. Well, it is quite fair as the flight takes only 1,5 hours.

However, let’s not forget that the total duration of the journey increases due to traveling to and from the airports (all set in the city outskirts of these huge metropolises) as well as spending time waiting in the terminal and passing security checks. What is more, the flight is more costly compared to the other means of transport.

Moscow to St. Petersburg Train

Trains seem to be the most convenient of the options in terms of the best value for money. Moreover, there are different types of trains you can select from. The most common travel option is an ordinary passenger train. The main con of traveling by such trains is that the travel time usually exceeds 8 hours, so it is quite tangible if it’s not an overnight train.

Here we come to the next option, overnight trains. The most popular sleeper that runs on the Moscow - St. Petersburg railway is the Red Arrow, the legendary train with a 100-year history. As a rule, overnight trains are more comfortable and modern compared to the previous option but the travel time still exceeds 8 hours. So if you do not accept the idea of spending the night “on the wheels”, you may use the following option.

If you are short on time or simply don’t agree to waste your precious time in Russia on long connections, the smartest choice you can make is to buy a ticket for a high-speed train Sapsan, the fastest among Russian trains at the present time. Sapsan flies at the speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) and makes the entire 635 km ride a matter of 3,5 hours from one city center to the other. This high-speed train is the pride of the Russian Railways and if you want to have a closer look at this “bird”, check our detailed video about Sapsan.

Buses from Moscow to St. Petersburg

The most economical, yet uncomfortable and time-consuming alternative is a bus. Picking this means of transport for traveling between the Russian cities, you risk getting stuck in traffic and lose even more time than you expected. The average travel time from Moscow to St. Petersburg by bus is 10-11 hours. However, the costs will definitely be less than in the two previous variants.

Traveling between Moscow and Saint Petersburg can be very enjoyable; it all depends on your travel preferences. By choosing Sapsan, you would reach your destination in about 4 hours, while other options would come with a longer traveling duration. Choose wisely, or contact us for a personalized itinerary and travel advice.