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Are you planning to explore Norway? Keep in mind that one of the best ways of traveling in the destination is taking a modern train. Learn more about the train from Oslo to Bergen and what makes it an excellent choice.

Oslo to Bergen Train Information

Adding a train journey to your list of must-do trips is a great way to experience Norway. It takes about seven hours to travel from Oslo to Bergen by train, bringing out unique Norway views along the way. While traveling on the Oslo - Bergen railway, you will get to see the stunning scenery that Norway has to offer; villages, fjords, rivers, and the incredible scenery of the Norwegian countryside.

It is operated by NSB, the Norwegian National Railways, whose trains run between the two cities. In addition, the trains arrive at the Bergen Central Station (in the heart of Norway's capital) from Oslo (Oslo S Station), making it very easy to reach both stations by public transportation and get around the city when you arrive. With Firebird Tours, you're welcome to dive deep into a romantic train trip through the Norwegian vastness! Let's review the Oslo to Bergen train and start your everlasting journey!

The perfect journey
Norwegian railway stations are often located in the central parts of cities. Thanks to such a convenient location, before the train departs, you can set aside time for shopping, exploring the cultural places of the city center, or having a delicious lunch in an authentic restaurant.

Brief Facts about the Oslo to Bergen Train

Let's look at a few facts about Norwegian trains:

Which train operator provides the Oslo-Bergen train?

The Oslo to Bergen train route is the most popular one in Norway. There trains on the route are operated by NSB and offer day and overnight train options. The average travel time is around 6 hours 40 minutes.

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Is the train schedule from Oslo to Bergen convenient?

In general, there are multiple departure times to select from in every direction of the route, for instance, the Bergen to Oslo train schedule has 3 departures every day. There are also several travel classes to choose from, ranging from standard to first class.

What classes are there in NSB trains?

NSB Trains has all the amenities for a comfortable journey. You can choose one of three classes: Economy Class Seat, 1st Class Seat, 2-bed Cabin). Each of the classes offers different amenities. So, for example, for the most comfortable night travel, the ideal solution would be a 2-bed Cabin, and for admiring the views outside the window, a 1st Class Seat or Economy is suitable.

What amenities are there in NSB trains?

Regardless of coach class, the modern train has air-conditioned cars with spacious seats, bathrooms, luggage areas, information screens, offers free WiFi. Snacks and drinks can also be bought on board.

Why should you choose a train?
The train is considered the world's safest and most affordable land transport. Moreover, by choosing to travel by train, you take care of the environment: the train emits 96% less carbon into the atmosphere than, for example, an airplane.

Oslo to Bergen Train: Which Side to Sit On?

The route is noted by travelers for its picturesque views, but the good part about the train is that there are actually no specific recommendations in terms of what side to choose when buying Oslo to Bergen train tickets, as no matter where you sit, you’ll be in for a visual treat; therefore you don’t need to spend time browsing the seating plan.

Moreover, you can also check how to get from Oslo to Bergen and find all the details about your Norway trip.

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The Oslo train station is the Oslo Central Station, located in the city center on Jernbanetorget 1. The Bergen train station is also set in the heart of town; the address is Strømgaten 4. Both can be easily reached by public transport, are modern and well-equipped.

What is more, it is recommended to book Oslo to Bergen rail tickets for your trip in advance to get guaranteed seats for the departure time that suits your travel plans. Tickets can be bought online or directly at the stations.

Is the train journey from Oslo to Bergen scenic?
It's a genuinely picturesque train trip! A train runs through the most beautiful landscapes in Norway. Also, it passes about 20 tiny fjord villages.

Oslo to Bergen Train: How to get more from traveling in Norway?

Norway is unique and incredible, and even sophisticated travelers will always find something to surprise. Whether you are a fan of Norway, or you are discovering for the first time this Scandinavian abode of the most beautiful nature, the Northern lights, and the Vikings, you will want to come back here again and again.

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Start writing your story with a trip from the Norwegian capital Oslo Bergen. Moreover, these cities have amazing infrastructure for exploring other destinations. Continue your adventure in Voss or Flam, and get a lot of fun and experience!

Are train tickets expensive in Norway?
A one-way ticket to popular destinations in Norway costs around 100 EUR

All in all, Oslo to Bergen train boasts truly excellent facilities and picturesque views of beautiful Norway, do not hesitate to choose this train journey!