Unparalleled Croatia Vacation Spots

Unparalleled Croatia Vacation Spots

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If there was a competition among European countries for the title of "The Most Loved Summer Destination," which one would you rank as a winner? Italy? Spain? But what if we say that there's one more country which deserves to join the contest and even win it? We are glad to introduce you to stunning Croatia!

In fact, this little paradise corner of the Balkan Peninsula is one of the most ecologically clean locations to choose for your European getaway. We bet we've already warmed up your interest so now it's high time to immerse in the best Croatia must-sees, right?

The Allure of Croatia's Capital

Croatia is quite a heterogeneous country, having preserved the legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the north-east and the Italian flair in its coastal regions. However, the most revealing and significant part of the country is, naturally, its capital. Being the heart and soul of Croatia, Zagreb is a city you can't miss the opportunity to stay in for at least 3-4 days during your Croatia tour.

Historically, Zagreb has been divided into two parts, upper and lower, connected by the shortest funicular in the world which has a length of only 66 meters. Pretty short ride, huh? But this funicular experience can become a great start to your Zagreb city tour, taking you up to the cobblestone streets of the old town.

Probably the most touristic place in this part of the city is the Zagreb Cathedral. Having survived several harsh demolitions during its almost a thousand-year history, the Cathedral has been restored to its original Gothic appearance and become the tallest building in the whole country.


Apart from the Cathedral, another church worth visiting is the medieval St. Mark's Church. The main landmark's feature that pulls travelers like a magnet is its roof with a colorful tiled mosaic of Croatian and Zagreb emblems.

Moreover, during a Zagreb walking tour, you are likely to notice an impressive bunch of museums for all tastes, scattered here and there around the city. In case you feel like a kid in a candy store, overwhelmed by the variety of choices, we have several classic must-visits to offer.

Art enthusiasts can find a sparkle of inspiration in the Mimara Art Museum while adventurers and history lovers shouldn't miss a chance to pop in the Archaeological Museum with about 400 thousand artifacts, or the Ethnographic Museum, housed in a spectacular 19th-century building.

All in all, your Zagreb travel just can't be disappointing as its charming squares, winding streets, diverse museums, and monuments have everything to become unforgettable memories in your travel biography.

Top Sights in Zagreb:

  • Cathedral of Zagreb
  • St. Mark's Church
  • The Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb
  • Bundek City Park
  • Maksimir Park

Sunny Dalmatia or Croatian Coastal Charms

It is hard to find a traveler who would refuse to spend some time by the seaside basking in the tender sun, isn't it? The good news is that Croatia won't upset you in this aspect either! We are glad to welcome you to Dalmatia, the most popular Croatia resort area.

Stretching along the Adriatic Sea, the region of Dalmatia boasts truly outstanding natural panoramas of emerald bays, picturesque beaches, and abrupt cliffs, providing an extensive field for sightseeing at the same time. In a few words, Dalmatia is an ideal place for a saturated Croatia vacation, combining lazy days of sunbathing and exploration tours of the best local sights. So to enhance your trip, we recommend choosing among the three main Dalmatian cities: Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik (or visit them all).

Quirky Zadar

You may start your Dalmatia exploration from the northernmost city, mesmerizing Zadar. Having served as an impregnable fortress that stood up to Turks for about 3 centuries, Zadar still keeps quite a lot of reminders of its unique past. Thus, apart from beach relaxation, Zadar offers a number of spots and opportunities to make your visit culturally rich.


Among the main points of interest of your Zadar itinerary are the well-preserved castle walls and mighty towers, ancient churches, and the Roman Forum, dating back to the 1st century A.D.

However, the real icing on the cake of any Zadar city tour is the Sea Organ. This art object has no equals in the world, being an experimental musical instrument which produces sweet sounds with the help of the sea waves and special tubes built under the concrete. So if you desire to check out the Adriatic Sea's musical talent, come to the city's embankment and enjoy!

Sophisticated Split

Moving to the central part of Dalmatia, don't deprive yourself of the pleasure to spend several days in vibrant Split. Providing the unique blend of traditions and modern trends, Split literally captivates from the very first minutes.

The majority of Split attractions are set in the old part of the city which is definitely worth being rambled round and about. The main highlight of a Split city tour is the imposing Diocletian's Palace, an impressive Roman monument listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By the way, it was the place which became the reason for building the entire city.


Speaking about more sightseeing opportunities in Split, we also highly recommend to immerse in the local life on the Peristil Square, step inside the historic Cathedral of Saint Domnius (or even get up to its 60-meter tower to enjoy the best Split panoramas), and have a peaceful walk along the quay.

Once your Split walking tour is complete, treat yourself with a moment of relaxation on one of the praised Split beaches, swimming in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea and admiring the dramatic mountain landscapes on the backdrop.

Dazzling Dubrovnik

Nested on the southern tip of Croatia, Dubrovnik is considered to be the most fabulous resort of the Croatian coastline. A true architectural masterpiece, Dubrovnik is a city with an amazing history, going back to the 7th century.

In fact, coming to Dubrovnik you just have no chance not to get a sense of awe as this sparkling destination houses so many things locals are truly proud of: from the splendid city ensembles and cozy ancient streets to mind-blowing scenery and well-maintained beaches.

It is easy to catch the understanding that Dubrovnik is a Croatian jewelry box just by setting eyes on the beauty of the Dubrovnik Old Town where the marvels of the past still inspire the gleam of majesty.


Impressive 10th-century castle walls, fortresses, and landmark churches like the Dominican Monastery and the Franciscan Church…

It is no surprise why the directors of the famous series "Game of Thrones" chose Dubrovnik as the set for King's Landing, the capital city of all Seven Kingdoms.

To taste the colors of the resort life, head to the beaches like Lapad or Banje, offering a number of outdoor activities for people of all ages. And, of course, to make your Dubrovnik travel even more saturated, tour around the local restaurants which will please you by the wide selection of seafood like oysters and eels as well as quality Croatia wines.

Top sights in Dubrovnik:

  • Walls of Dubrovnik
  • The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • Banje Beach
  • Lovrijenac
  • Rector's Palace

Unequaled Croatian Islands

All globetrotters out there, we have good news for you! We bet you'll be glad to find out that the recreational potential of Croatia is not limited only by the mainland coast of Dalmatia as there are more than a thousand islands belonging to the territory of Croatia as well.

Some islands have already become a tidbit for travelers from all over the world, others are only starting to gain popularity - in any case, such beauty is absolutely worth your time. So if you like to step off the beaten path to see even the remote corners, we invite you to take a trip around the Adriatic Islands.


So which Croatia islands are a must-see? Provided that you are searching for something fancy and posh, make your way to Hvar which is a magnet for celebrities, set only a 1-hour ferry ride away from the city of Split.

Admirers of active pastime and parties - welcome to the largest of the Dalmatian Islands, Brac! The Isle of Mljet is an ideal place for those wishing to dive headlong into the beauty of Croatian nature as the verdant island houses a picturesque national park with two saltwater lakes. Vis, on the other hand, will become a nice discovery due to its extraterrestrial caves.

To top it all, Croatia is, indeed, the fantasy land of fairytale cities, inspiring natural views, an azure blue sea, and exceptional hospitality. So no matter whether you are visiting Croatia for the first time in your life or for the tenth, the alluring atmosphere of the country will keep you impressed for long! But to make your trip even better, check some Croatian tips and advice to make the most out of your trip to Croatia.