Wake Up In Africa: Exploring South Africa


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Read an exciting and inspiring travelogue written by Natalia Pakhomova especially for Firebird Tours blog and learn what's there to see and to do in South Africa and why it's a must for any globetrotter seeking a new destination.

South Africa

We start the journey from arriving in Durban and outside of the area in Chanteclair lodge. I am amazed by the new scenery, so different and unique to what you are used to. It is plentiful of NEW in Africa. Like if you travel to a different planet and it is a treat for all senses. You dive into the animal world and the smiles of local Zulu people who are just happy from everyday life. You try the yummy foods that are often cooked on bonfires like Braai and Poiki and of course the local favorite snack Biltong. You are swimming in the sounds of nature and bathe in the golden rays of the sun. When traveling through the Kwazulu-Natal region we are hopping in and out of the natural preserves and game parks with their abundant wildlife to driving around the Midlands. These views strike you with a contrast of the English clean looking farms and lands with racehorses; and bushes and giraffes staring at you and crossing the road random elephant among aloe trees and cactuses - just 20 minutes drive apart from each other.

Here, I warm up at the fire in the camp of Zingela or in front of the fireplace in a lodge which is an essential part of every house in the winter season, where we have eye-opening and thought-provoking conversations about life, challenges, amazing people who make a change by trying to preserve rhinos, about local cultures. I connect to the universe when gazing at the stars and milky way with such a fantastic clear sight that I have never seen before. I awaken from the pleasant breeze of fresh wind in the mountains of Oribi to a stunning view. I connect to nature and it makes me want to share all this awakening energy with you. So that you also can catch the rhythm of love and then tell your own story.

The NEW first timers that you can try to experience and after that discover your new self:

4x4 Land Rover experience


Driving a 4x4 on the off-road ways of natural parks. You can drive, sure now step up to a more challenging road of course with help of the professional friends it is all easy peasy.

Picture of South African scenery


Walk on a suspension bridge at the height of 70 meters above the ground. Of course, it is all safe (it designed to hold up to 70 tons). But as you cross over the bridge, while it sways back and forth, one can’t but help to look down through the wire mesh floor to the treetops far below. Overcoming the fears is one more check to be proud of yourself :). Ah and if a 3-year-old runs over it right after you were just “turtling” your way… well that’s just a very brave kid :)

In love with South Africa...
My travels in Africa became a trip of a "first time" and for so many things and it can be compared with falling in love. Because when you fall in love you are all of a sudden kind and open minded and brave, you become inspired. You are true to yourself and see the world in its best colors, including you.

Picture of mountain climbing activity in South Africa


Abseiling (rappelling) with a stunning view of Zingela mountains. Trust to your guide and story-teller Jagolus and bond  with the amazing people who are with you conquering the heights. They say it is “kids” stuff.

Picture of a horse being lead in South Africa


Sleep in the open house of the natural park and really connect to nature

Picture of Surfers in South Africa


The surfing lesson in the warm waters of Indian Ocean. It is winter time but it is so warm you will have a thrill just playing in the waves

Picture of giraffes spotted on a tour to South Africa

Hugging a curious elephant randomly passing by, chasing Giraffes or just staring at each other, studying carefully. The list can go on forever, but it's always better to come and experience it yourself!