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Those who believe that Norway’s weather and climate are chilly, cold, and frosty all year-round are right, but actually only to a certain extent.

Yes, the country is located in Scandinavia, has a very long Atlantic coastline, as well as numerous popular travel destinations set above or in proximity to the Arctic Circle, yet Norway weather averages aren’t as cold as one could imagine at first.

What is Norway Weather like?

Surprisingly, Norwegian climate is considered to be rather mild if compared to similar locations such as Russian Siberia, Canada, or Alaska. Nevertheless, importantly, the weather may be very windy and unpredictable.

Speaking of the country, on the whole, Norway's seasons are standard, with June, July, and August being the summer months. The average temperature in Norway in July in, for instance, Bergen is 17°C (62°C).

Oslo weather is very similar with average winter temperatures being around -3°C (which is about 27°F) and summer temperatures of approximately 16 to 18°C (60 to 64°F).

Of course, the higher north you travel in Norway, the colder it’ll be. As such, the weather in Lofoten Norway differs, winter temperatures sometimes drop very low there.


Plus, the light day can be as short as 1 hour in the far north in the wintertime which is why people tend to go there in the summer.

Based on what was mentioned previously, the general weather-related recommendations about Norway travel regardless of the month are to make sure to pack a lot of warm clothes. Plus, to be on the safe side, taking an umbrella, windproof and waterproof coats and shoes is a must, no matter which month you choose for your journey.

If you have doubts about what time of the year matches the Norwegian experience you’re longing, you can find out more about when to visit Norway here: "Best time to travel to Norway"