What to Do in Case of an Emergency in Italy?

What to Do in Case of an Emergency in Italy?

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In the case of unfortunate events during your Italy travel, you can use Italy emergency services. Italian medical care, as well as the police services, are of a very high standard and thus any situation is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Emergency assistance in Italy

Anyhow, it is best to be prepared prior to your trip and therefore to make sure to take care of your travel insurance ahead of time. Moreover, to avoid unpleasantly large bills, find out what your medical insurance covers overseas, i.e. which medical services, cases, and medical institutions (specific hospitals, doctors, etc) you can turn to.

Emergency assistance

Taking care of insurance beforehand is advisable before any travel abroad.

Italy emergency numbers

Dial the following phone numbers if you'll need help in Italy:

112 - The hotline emergency number for all emergency services in Italy and entire Europe, including the police, ambulance, and fire department. Nevertheless, for a faster reply, it is recommended to call each service directly.

113 - Police

115 - Fire Department

116 - Road assistance

118 - For medical emergencies and the ambulance