What to Do in Case of an Emergency in Norway?

Emergency in Norway

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Emergency assistance in Norway

When traveling to a foreign country there always exists a minor possibility of dealing with unexpected circumstances or unforeseen eventualities. Luckily, Norwegian healthcare and civil security are very well-developed spheres.

To be prepared for what to do in emergency cases while in Norway, know that you can contact the police by the phone number 911 when calling from a mobile cell phone, and the number 112 if calling from a landline phone. The fire department number is 110.

If you need urgent medical help, dial 113 to call an ambulance in Norway. Note that it is best to be aware of your medical insurance policies before the start of your journey and to specifically know what is considered an emergency/medical case abroad that is covered by your insurance company. Also find out which English-speaking doctor to call or which medical institution to apply to (hospital, clinic,, etc) that is advised by your insurance company in the event that you’ll need medical help abroad.