When is the Best Time to Visit Alaska?

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A trip to the “midnight sun land” is a grand epic adventure that broadens travelers' minds since the beginning of its existence. Even the most discerning traveler dreams to experience the matchless beauty and grandeur of Alaska, and to remember its distinct sides forever.

Alaska’s wealth of nature with its fantastic sky colors and wildlife have a lot to offer its guests and will amaze you from the first sight! Therefore, when planning a trip to Alaska, you should carefully think about the expectations you’re dreaming to get from this trip. In this article, we will tell you about the best Alaska tourist attractions and exciting activities according to each period of the year. So let's go to the north, to seek something out of the ordinary!

Aleut Roots
The official name of Alaska comes from the ancient Aleut word "Alyeska", that means "The Great Land"

Winter Miracles & Northern Lights

The canvas upon which the Alaskan epic story is written is covered with snowy pancakes and crystal clear ice. Thus, it’s very natural that wanderlusters usually get itchy feet up to the first frosts and wind their way towards Alaskan destinations in wintertime.

It could be difficult to decide which is the best month to visit Alaska, but know that you can’t go wrong visiting from December to February as during these months, you can witness its most marvelous attraction: the Northern Lights. You can hit the road to the northern part of the state, especially to the Fairbanks area, and enthrall your eyes to the magnificent shades of a gradient-colored sky, the colors of which change from turquoise, emerald green, to crimson red. By the way, red Northern Lights Alaska are considered the rarest of all, and you might need to wait for them to appear for hours, but it's worth the slightly frozen cheeks.

DenaliAlaska tours, you’re welcome to choose any of the stunning activities from glacier hiking to helicopter wildlife viewing, all under the professional management of English-speaking guides and local experts. The icing on Alaskan culture-laden cake is a dog-sledding experience! Plowing the snowy hills of Alaska in the company of Balto descendants, smiling at the rays of the diamond sun and raising waves of snow under the sled - that's the exciting fun of a true Alaskan explorer!

Discharge Of Charged Particles
On average, Fairbanks has 243 days of aurora borealis viewing each year. Charged electrons and protons strike the upper atmosphere of the earth and produce the northern lights.

Spring Grizzly Fishing

Springtime in Alaska comes relatively late, in the middle of April or early May. You’ll definitely be awestruck by its natural beauty, which was waiting patiently under the snow fur coat. Together with the melting ice, Alaskan wildlife awakens from sleep and enters into an energetic dance of lush nature. Spring is the best time to observe animals in their natural habitat. For example, as part of Katmai National Park, you can see grizzly bears catching salmon at Brooks Falls Waterfall, or hanging out on the lawn, or feeding cubs. Also, you can see the Valley of the Thousand Lakes, formed as a result of a volcanic eruption in the early twentieth century.

Even just walking along the forest roads of Alaska, you could meet a caribou - a four-legged reindeer, watch the majestic flight of a bald eagle, or hear the funny bubbling of partridges in the tall grasses. If you like to develop your non-standard skills, such as rafting on turbulent river flows, and climbing steep cliffs, then you can do it in group tours, where your trip will be safe, but no less exciting.


Teddy Bear
It is surprising how small adult grizzly bears can be. Grizzly bears sometimes appear to be massive golden brown bears, but in fact they can be as small as 250 lbs in the spring on the eastern slopes of the Alberta Rookies, smaller than black bears in the area!

Summertime White Nights

Summer is the best time to visit Alaska for a seasoned traveler. This is the hottest time of the year in Alaska, when the temperatures in June to July reach up to +30°C. In summer, you can go hunting for wild berries and mushrooms, as well as admire the views from the shores of Anchorage, and enjoy the opportunity to explore its wildlife on a tour of the Turnagain Arm.


One of the most fantastic Alaska things to do in summer is to go on a cruise through the expansive waters of the "last frontier", discovering new and exciting views of Alaska. An experienced guide will tell you about the most interesting facts from history, wildlife, and human survival in the wild northern lands.

But the main thing that causes the lure of a traveler is the White Nights. In summer, the day lasts up to eighteen hours, and even at midnight, it is still light, and you can spend a nice night taking in the atmosphere of the surrounding forests.

Unpredictable Treasures
Alaska is known more for its gold than its zinc, but its largest mineral export is zinc.

Autumn Piece of Art

In terms of color diversity, September is a great time for those who love to capture the enchanting views on camera. The trees are painted in bright fall tones and you’re welcome to observe the whole spectrum of shades: wine-red, purple, orange, green, and all the shades in between. Nature dazzles the senses with these shades, demonstrating a rich palette of color before going into a long hibernation for six long months of winter, which begins in the middle of October.

In September, the weather is pleasant with a temperature of +15 °C. In October, the thermometer drops to +5 °C, and by the first days of November, it is already snowing.

In early Autumn you can cross the vastness of Alaska, by starting your adventure from Anchorage, and moving further to the harsh and magnificent destinations that follow. Calm fishing, cruises to Prince William Sound Glacier, craft beers degustation at Midnight Sun Brewing Co., and forest walks will create a harmonious pastime during your Alaska tour. Closer to November, the temperature drops, and the first snowflakes cover the land of Alaska. Winter is coming into its own, bringing with it even more joy for the next adventure.


A Gem of The Aleutian Chain
Alaska is home to the U.S.'s northernmost, easternmost and westernmost points. That's right! The Aleutian Chain includes both the eastern and western points of Point Barrow in the north. Amatignak Island is east of 180 degrees longitude, while Pochnoi Point is the easternmost point on Semisopochnoi Island, both located in the Aleutians.

To sum up, we’d like to note that Alaska offers a trove of unexpected adventure in every season of the year. Alaska can become your lifetime addiction and every time you come to her icy abode, you will discover new horizons and previously unexplored wonders of nature. So, with the first breaths of the north wind, you know Alaska is calling you to walk on the stars on a journey long into eternity!