Why Visit Russia?

 Why Visit Russia?

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Anyone would unlikely come up with an idea to argue the uniqueness of genuine Russia. Being the country of social contrasts, interesting traditions, and outstanding cultural and historical heritage, Russia attracts millions of tourists to set foot on the Russian land in order to visit the homeland of talented geniuses, to admire fantastic monuments and architecture, as well as to comprehend the mystery of true Russian soul.

Russia travel is an amazing opportunity to admire the legendary Kremlin and the Red Square in Moscow, observe the historical monuments of St. Petersburg, explore the gems of the Golden Ring, discover breathtaking panoramas from the waterside, setting off on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise, try exceptional Russian cuisine and a lot more. Anyway, every city in Russia has something to charm with, even in the nice and cozy province, that's why visiting Russia is just a must for every traveler.

Russia is the many-sided pearl of the world which will for sure surprise you! All nature enthusiasts are welcome to visit the scenic Karelia region to enjoy breathtaking mountain landscapes. If you are looking for something unusual, Buryatia awaits you with open arms! Pay a visit to the world's oldest and deepest freshwater lake, the Baikal, and let yourself be enchanted by stories about local magical spirits and their mesmerizing spells. Ready for an extreme experience? For the brave, we highly recommend to travel to the north of the country and include the world's biggest city above the Arctic Circle, Murmansk, to your itinerary to see the legendary Northern Lights!

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