Wintery Drinks to Try on a Europe Vacation

Christmas Drinks

Wintertime is, indeed, a perfect period to plan your Europe trip when fluffy snow adorns the cities' streets, vibrant Christmas markets are scattered on every corner, and the lively romantic vibe is in the air. However, when temperatures drop there always comes a point when you understand that you simply can't continue your Christmas markets tours and explore the sparkling sights without a cup of some warming drink. In case ordinary coffee and tea are not your thing, as you are eager to taste something new while abroad, we've put together a list of delicious beverages able to lift your spirit and warm you up during a frosty winter evening. Enjoy!

1. Famous Mulled Wine: Gluhwein
Mulled Wine

The unquestionable leader among warming drinks to treat yourself during winter tours in the Christmas season is, of course, Gluhwein. This mulled wine with a saturated flavor originates from Germany but is currently enjoyed around the globe. Though recipes change and evolve from country to country, there's no better idea than having a peaceful stroll around candy-striped tents of a festive market, sipping delicious Gluhwein spiced with star aniseed, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and citrus.

2. Delicious Scandinavian Glogg

In case you have a Scandinavia tour on your travel agenda, you are likely to come across the German Gluhwein's "brother", Glogg. Generally, the way of preparing Glogg is pretty much the same: heating wine and adding all necessary species, but there's one more secret ingredient that allows Scandinavians to claim their author's rights - Akvavit. So except for using such well-known items like rum, Scandinavians complement Glogg with the local Norwegian spirit, Akvavit.

3. Warming Piquant Grog

Having too different, sometimes even controversial meanings and quite vague origins, Grog still takes its rightful place in our list. It is believed that the word "grog" was invented by the British Vice Admiral Edward Vernon in the 18th century when he introduced the drink consisting of rum and water to his naval squadron. Today's Grog has definitely evolved, and now it refers to a drink made from black tea, honey, lemon juice, and a splash of rum. 

4. Good Old Hot Toddy
Hot Toddy

Warm and comforting Hot Toddy is definitely a great idea for a relaxing and cozy winter evening. Making Hot Toddy is as simple as it can be: only hot water, honey, lemon, and whiskey are needed. Sometimes you can come across some variations with brandy or bourbon. Apart from being a nice warmer, Hot Toddy is considered to work wonders with a light cold due to the beneficial ingredients' match (with one remark - it's better not to overdo with whiskey).

5. Iconic Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee

Can't imagine your day without a cup of coffee? We suggest warming yourself up with one of the most celebrated coffee cocktails in the world, the intensive Irish coffee. This drink was invented in 1942 by an airport restaurant chef who decided to warm up the passengers during the harsh weather, adding a bit of Irish whiskey to their coffee. The drink has become so popular that the citizens of the city of Foynes in Ireland celebrate an annual Irish coffee festival!

6. Hot Spiced Cider or Wassail

Heading to England for your Christmas holiday and looking for something more than a simple beer or fancy cocktail? There's no better way to spend a winter evening than relaxing in some London pub with a glass of the delicious hot mulled cider. Spiced cider, or Wassail, is a traditional aromatic beverage that was drunk during the Middle Ages at the wassailing celebrations to ensure a rich apple harvest for the following year. A Wassail recipe is a different variation of the spiced cider and is served in some English pubs.

7. Trendy Berliner Winter

If you think that the famous Berliner brand produces only beer, you are profoundly wrong! Planning a winter vacation in Germany? Be sure, trendy Berlin has something to save you from the chilly weather. Thus, you can't leave Berlin without trying the seasonal apple and vodka beverage, Berliner Winter, created especially for the cold season. You can easily recognize it as it's bottled in a distinguishing longneck illustrating a man with a box of apples. 

8. Traditional Russian Sbiten

To find out what stands behind this rather strange name, head to eastern Europe, Russia in particular. Sbiten has been popular around Russia since the very 12th century and traditionally consists of water, honey, and spices. Translated from Russian, the word "sbiten" means "to whip" which actually reveals the way of preparation as the ingredients should literally be whipped. In some parts of Russia, sbiten was fermented to get a kind of mead, but nowadays it can be complemented by any drink according to your taste.

9. Christmassy Eggnog

Even if the weather is harsh, the charming European cities definitely won't lose their appeal. To add to your Christmas mood, order traditional Christmas eggnog. It's difficult to beat the classics after all! Believed to be invented by the monks in the 13th century in Britain, traditional eggnog is a mix of whipped eggs, milk, sugar, and nutmeg (the monks tended to add the good old ale though). In fact, eggnog has strong ties with Christmas, so you won't face a problem finding it in bars.

10. Everyone's Favorite: Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

We can hardly imagine that someone can resist the temptation to enjoy a cup of aromatic hot chocolate during a frosty evening. Feeling the same way? Then you probably wonder where to find the best hot chocolate in Europe. Well, each country has its own recipes of this yummy treat but there's the one which outstands among others - French hot chocolate! Being highly praised, French chocolatiers are experts in making this hot drink as well.