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A few days ago we were all clinking champagne glasses and wishing each other a prosperous year ahead, but we felt like something was missing. And it was a good old reflection on another year that we have spent working here at Firebird.

We believe it's not quite fitting to begin a new chapter without properly closing the last one. So, let's do it together by reviewing interesting Firebird statistics and summarizing travel trends of 2018!

Top Destinations in 2018

Last year we helped thousands of eager travelers to see spectacular places in Europe and beyond. However, among the most favorite destinations were Italy with the all-time best-seller tour - 'Cultural Capitals with Amalfi', the second destination that everyone craved to cross off their bucket list was Scandinavia and many travelers chose to discover it on the 'Scandinavian Capitals and Fjords' tour. Last, but not least among our clients' favorites was Russia. Travelers were also choosing between land and rail tours with the most popular in each category being Classic Treasures of Two Capitals - a comprehensive touring program for Moscow and Saint Petersburg lovers and another pick - Trans-Siberian Golden program, giving them a chance to see 1/3 of the world in one go!

5 New Locations Additions

Even though many travelers choose to explore famous destinations like Russia, Scandinavia, and Italy, more and more explorers crave for something to discover in between. Therefore 2018 was the year we dedicated a lot of time and effort to extend the range of countries we sell tours in, by including European gems like Malta, Romania, Croatia, and the Middle East delights, such as Israel, Jordan, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

Itineraries Created: 27,112

This number is more than double what we managed to accomplish last year! Fingers crossed, we can repeat this sentence in the next Year in Review. But on a more serious note, we believe a growing number of itineraries could not be achieved without the dedication and passion for traveling that our destination specialists have as well as without growing our team and polishing the service processes.

Top Travel Advice Shared Last Year

We like to pride ourselves on not only the excellent organization of tours but also on the competence in providing travel advice. Last year, we launched our Youtube channel and we were frequently uploading videos related to traveling in Russia, so if you have any questions regarding that subject, make sure to visit our channel. However, if your travel interest is wider than Russia, then head to our blog and read one of 50 articles on Europe tailored advice.

Milestones Reached: Bigger Team and 11th Birthday

This year was record-breaking in terms of new members joining our team. We scaled our team into a three-digit number in 2018, and we are beyond excited to be able to provide an excellent service to even more travelers around the world. On another note, we have celebrated another year in the industry, blowing the 11 candles of our corporate cake.

Thank you for sticking by our side throughout last year that brought us opportunities to grow and scale our travel organization service. We hope you enjoyed reading our monthly evaluations and are planning to continue learning about travel trends with us in 2019 too!