Your Guide to Trans-Siberian Travel


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Trans-Siberian experience is usually once in a lifetime adventure. Here at Firebird Tours, we ensure our premium tours are tailored to the needs of our clients, letting them discover Russia, Mongolia and China on their terms.

Types of Tours

Our travelers can choose to embark on a Small Group Tour, a Tailor-made Tour or a Private Trans-Siberian Train. Each of the categories comes with its own perks, and it is beneficial for our travelers to be aware of them all before setting out on their chosen trip. In the table below, we compare various aspects of the three most popular cross-Eurasia tours: a Small group Trans-Siberian Tour, Private Trans-Siberian Railway and Tsar’s Gold Trans-Siberian Train.


Type of travel

Small Group Tours

Tailor-made Tours

Private Luxury Trains

Group size

8 to 18 people Private for you Up to 26 people


17-23 days Flexible 16 days


Fixed Flexible Fixed

Cabin type

1st class on a private detachable train car 1st or 2nd class Classic, Superior, Deluxe, Platinum


At the hotels At the hotels Onboard


65% meals included 50% meals included All meals included


Same private car,
local trains
Local trains Private train


4* Flexible 4+ & 5*

Airport transfers

Included Included Included

Tour leader

Onboard - Onboard


- - Onboard


From $5.798 From $4.796 From $8.870

Small Group Trans-Siberian tour

To summarize, if you are organizing a trip for a group of friends, we would highly recommend going for Small Group Trans-Siberian tour as it will let you enjoy each other’s company in a private 1st class car that can be attached and detached to local trains. The private car will also provide you with the comfort of not having to pack and unpack at every stop - your belongings will be safely locked away in the car when you are away exploring a destination. On this tour, you have an option of St. Petersburg and Beijing extensions so you can choose to visit all seven stunning Eurasian cities. You will be well looked after throughout the journey - high-quality accommodation on and off the train, a majority of the meals as well as the tour guide included in the itinerary.

Private Tran-Siberian Tour

However, if group travels are not for you and you’d much rather explore Trans-Siberian route like the locals, our Private Tran-Siberian is very likely to be the best option for you. And you can also check and choose some of the best stops on the Trans-Siberian railway and add them to your Trans-Siberian itinerary. With the tailor-made tour, you are completely free to change the route, adding or reducing the number of stops, you can also choose the departure dates that suit you best. You can even select the level of luxury you desire throughout your journey with 1st and 2nd class cabins available onboard and flexible hotel choice upon your arrival at each destination.

Tsar's Gold Trans-Siberian

Lastly, if you simply want to experience that high-scale Trans-Siberian adventure, we recommend boarding our clients’ favorite - Tsar's Gold Trans-Siberian. Traveling on a private train has numerous benefits, and having a shower on the train must definitely be one of them. If you choose the 5-star Tsar's Gold train you will be enjoying the comfort of having one train throughout the entire route, daily insights of Russian history from your onboard tour guide, three excellent meals onboard every day and last but not least - unique entertainment (which might or might not include Vodka tasting…)

We hope the comparison helped you to understand what each journey entails and which type of travel would be more up your alley. But if you still aren’t sure which train to board, our team will happily discuss all the options in more detail over the phone: +1 (800) 884-1721.