Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark

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About Aarhus

About Aarhus

Why Go on an Aarhus, Denmark Tour

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark situated by the sea in the heart of Jutland. The city has many outstanding sights, interesting museums, and is full of opportunities for tourists. Beautiful scenery, cultural events and innovative business life all come together here.

The world-famous and one-of-a-kind ARoS museum of art is an absolute must-see during Aarhus sightseeing, offering high quality national as well as international collections and special exhibitions.

Don't forget to stop at the Old Town, an open-air museum, and also see Moesgaard Museum, an archaeological collection in idyllic surroundings.

In addition to that, check out the unique Women's Museum. Situated in the former city hall, the museum is dedicated to women's culture and history providing with numerous exhibitions to admire.

Stroll down the beautiful Botanical Garden in the center of the town, visit the Marselisborg Palace which is the holiday residence for the royal family, and walk down the outstanding Mindeparken memorial park to see the changing of the guards.

Plus, don't miss out on the Aarhus Cathedral which dates back to 1200 AD! Did you know that it is, in fact, the longest church in entire Denmark? In Aarhus there's always something interesting to see and do!

Best Things to Do in Aarhus, Denmark

  • Explore the renown landmark, Aarhus Cathedral
  • See the changing of the guards in the Memorial Park
  • Visit the famous ARoS art museum
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