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Why Visit Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Of the seven fiefdoms that make up the United Arab Emirates, most people know Dubai. However, the real seat of power for the UAE is in Abu Dhabi. As such, its attractions are the more stately of the two Emirates.

Start your Abu Dhabi tour by visiting one of the most popular monuments in the city, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The mosque is actually the sixth largest in the world, impressive not only in its size but the architecture as well. Combining numerous elements of different styles, it features Macedonian marble, mosaic tiling, as well as intricate glass-work and carvings, all adding up to one unforgettable sight indeed.

The mosque is situated nearby another popular stop on the Abu Dhabi itinerary, Khalifa Park. The beautiful garden has an on-site aquarium, a Maritime Museum, a library, Murjan Splash Park and even its own train, making this multifunctional site of activities a must-visit for sure.

The corniche, or waterfront, is also a popular stop while Abu Dhabi sightseeing. Additionally, several new attractions are being developed, including a new Formula One raceway being built on Yas Island, and a cultural zone is being designed for Saadiyat Island, both offshore from Abu Dhabi.

A number of shopping malls provide retail therapy, including the Marina Mall near the Emirate Palace, featuring indoor artificial thunderstorms for entertainment. A big plus - shopping here is tax-free.

Best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Explore the Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Unwind in the Khalifa Park
  • Check out the Emirate Palace

United Arab Emirates tour packages featuring Abu Dhabi

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Take a chance to see the most impressive architecture gems in the world located in futuristic Abu Dhabi and contemporary Dubai! An impressive balance of the highest skyscrapers, ravishing palaces, brand-new museums, and parks takes full attention and makes you admire the beauty and stunning view. 


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