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About Alba

About Alba

Why Visit Alba, Italy

The Piedmont Region is known as the gastronomical part of Italy, and, being the gourmet capital of Piedmont, beautiful Alba is not a place you want to miss during your Italy travel.

Having a stroll around the city's unspoiled medieval streets and admiring the amazing architecture and the great views, you'll be surrounded by one of the most head-spinning smells in the world, chocolate. Charming Alba is the base for the second-largest chocolate producer in the world, Ferrero, and though they are very secretive about their products and there are no factory tours available at the moment, it seems like the whole city is soaked in the chocolate smell, so make sure not to go out on an empty stomach.

Interestingly, Alba is also famous for its white truffles, peaches, and, of course, its wine. Hundreds of people from all around the globe flock to the town to explore some of the most incredible vineyards in Italy. There are plenty of wineries in the district, all of them are happy to offer you a tour and a glass of Barolo, Barbaresco, or Barbera. When it comes to a Wine Tour in Alba's Langhe district, it's just impossible to have a bad glass.

One of the best things, apart from wine, in Langhe is that all wine villages are connected by marked trails, running throughout the vineyards. They are very easy to follow and allow you to enjoy the wine tasting without the need to drive back to Alba.

Of course, no Alba itinerary will be complete without a picture of the Langhe Hills, recently declared the 50th Italian location to be protected by UNESCO. Apart from jaw-dropping panoramas, the Langhe Hills also offer something very special, the white truffle of Alba, one of the most exquisite delicacies in the world.

Another place inviting you to enjoy the wine culture of the region is the Barolo Wine Museum. Instead of telling visitors about the types of soil and the process of fermentation, the museum offers to explore the history of wine in art, myths, traditions, and, of course, cooking. At the end of the tour, you are welcome to go to the tasting room with several types of local wine (for an additional fee).

"Must" Things to Put on an Alba Itinerary

  • Attend the International Alba White Truffle Fair
  • Take a picture of the Langhe Hills
  • Enjoy a memorable wine tasting in one of the wine villages
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