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Why Visit Amman, Jordan

Visiting the capital of Jordan is a must while in the country, as Amman is full of magnificent monuments of historical heritage, picturesque landscapes and a bustling cultural scene like no other.

One of the most grandiose monuments on the Amman tour is the imposing Roman Theatre cut into the side of a hill. It provides seating for 6000 spectators and some postcard-like pictures for an even bigger number of tourists on site. 

It is not only a monumental piece of architectural heritage but also a venue for numerous events, such as the Al-Balad Music Festival, taking place twice a year.

After exploring the Roman Theatre, make sure to visit the Jordan Folklore Museum and Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions nearby to get better acquainted with the cultural side and the customs of the country.

Another site worth visiting during Amman travel is the Citadel located on the highest hill in the city. Featuring the Ummayad Palace and the Temple of Hercules it attracts a growing number of visitors each year to admire the imposing ruins.

However, if ancient architecture is not among your interests, make sure to explore the high-quality museums in the area, such as the Royal Automobile Museum or the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.

If you are traveling with children, they will surely like the Children's Museum, featuring some undoubtedly compelling exhibitions for the little ones.

Best Things to Do in Jordan's Capital, Amman

  • Eplore Amman's historic Roman Theatre
  • Stop by the centuries-old Citadel
  • Visit the Jordan Museum
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