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About Ashgabat

About Ashgabat

Why Visit Ashgabat

Often called quirky or unusual, the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat is truly an extraordinary place. Holding some of the most unexpected records, the city has been noted in the Guinness Book for housing the largest fountain, the tallest flagpole reaching 133 meters (436 ft), the most white marble and many more.

The rapidly developing city is not only decorated in plenty of marble but features beautiful sights as well. One of the main ones on the Ashgabat tour is the imposing Palace of Knowledge. Situated nearby the Independence Park, the building ensemble features a golden dome and houses a concert hall, a library and the Turkmenbashi Museum.

Talking about the museums, don't miss the chance to visit the Ashgabat National Museum, consisting of the Presidential Museum, the History Museum, and the Nature and Ethnographic Museum. Featuring numerous vast exhibitions, as well as collections of artwork and artifacts, it is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the history of the city.

Another must on Ashgabat itinerary is the Ertugrul Gazi Mosque. The imposing monument was built in honor of Ertugrul, the father of the funder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman I.

For the ultimate Ashgabat experience, make sure to visit one of the oldest bazaars Gulistan, also known as the Russian bazaar, to taste the flavorful customs of the area, such as naan bread or Laghman noodles or enjoy souvenir hunting.

Best Things to Do in Ashgabat

  • Immerse in the oriental charm visiting the Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque
  • Explore Ashgabat's unusual monuments including the Monument of Neutrality
  • Pay a visit to the extraordinary Capital Carpet Museum