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What to See in Bari, Italy?

For those who are not certain where is Bari, Italy located, this historic Italian city is set on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. It is noted for its well-preserved old town, called Citta Vecchia or Bari Vecchia. Bari is also the capital of the Puglia region and an important Italian port city.

The city is home to many historic sights such as the San Nicola Basilica which dates all the way back to the 11th century and is considered as one of the main places for religious pilgrimage in the region. Without a doubt, this well-preserved complex surprises not only with its age but also with the treasures which are kept inside both in the basilica and the museum, thus, deserves a spot on your Bari itinerary.

Another place worthy of checking out during a trip to Bari is the old castle, Castello Svevo. This Norman castle was first built in the late 1130s and has managed to make it to our days in its historic appearance. The Normanno-Svevo Castle served as a military fortress and is a noted historical landmark, luckily, visitors are welcome to explore the exhibits.

As for other city highlights of Bari that are not to miss, save enough time to explore the old town. Here you may find the San Sabino Cathedral (often referred to as the Bari Cathedral), this 13th-century church is renown for its crypt.

What's for the local dishes to try here, make sure to taste the cavatelli and orecchiette pasta, stuffed peppers and polenta fritters.

Best Things to Do in Bari, Italy

  • Visit the historic San Nicola Basilica and the Castello Svevo
  • Stroll the charming old town called Citta Vecchia or Bari Vecchia
  • Taste traditional local foods such as cavatelli and orecchiette pasta

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