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About Beaune

About Beaune

Why Visit Beaune, France

The charming ex-capital of the winemaking Burgundy region, Beaune is a true source of inspiration. This ancient walled town reflects the spirit of good old France, boasting cozy cobbled streets and medieval ramparts, all surrounded by dense vineyards.

The most iconic Beaune attraction (aka the city's symbol) is the Hotel-Dieu, also known as the Hospice of Beaune. Built in the 15th century and recognized by its artistic colorful tile roof, the Hospice had been in operation up to the 1970s. Nowadays, this historic building houses a museum, showcasing some artwork.

When on a Beaune trip, take the chance to visit the historic church Collegiale Notre-Dame, famous for its tapestries, as well as have a romantic stroll along the ancient Remparts de Beaune.

In fact, Beaune citizens know firsthand what the famous French "joie de vivre" ("the joy of life") means as the city is famed for its winemaking traditions, producing dozens of varieties of excellent wine, and offering countless restaurants and bars, able to please travelers with some masterpieces of local chefs and offering wine tastings of the region's bests.

Best Things to Do in Beaune, France

  • Admire the gothic splendor of the Hospice of Beaune
  • Taste fine local Burgundy wines
  • Stop by the Collegiale Notre-Dame
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