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About Belfast

About Belfast

Why Visit Belfast, Northern Ireland

Nestled in the extraterrestrial surroundings of wild Irish nature, Belfast is, indeed, a must-visit during your UK trip. The capital of Northern Ireland represents a vivid mix of history, art, and exceptional landscapes, all spiced up with the lively atmosphere and praised Irish hospitality, making Belfast a real catch! In fact, Belfast is a city on the verge of paradox where ancient edifices harmoniously coexist with newly built houses and the traditional English restraint merges with Irish spontaneity and freedom-loving.

Historically, the city of Belfast was an important shipbuilding hub, and the notorious Titanic was built right here, in Belfast docks! If you are interested in the city's maritime heritage or are just touched by the destiny of the famous liner, the Museum Titanic Belfast should definitely make part of your Belfast tour. Housed in a stylish six-floor building, the center tells the story of Titanic, and its "siblings", Britannic and Olympic, as well as demonstrates a collection of visual exhibits.

To enrich your impressions of the city, you may proceed your Belfast sightseeing to the gorgeous Belfast City Hall, have a walk in the lush Botanic Gardens, and visit the hilltop 19th-century Belfast Castle.

Moreover, the program can be also diluted by some scenic natural sights as you can head to one of the most famous local wonders, the Giant's Causeway and drive the breathtaking Causeway coastal route.

It is no surprise that Belfast and epic Northern Ireland landscapes have become the set of such a popular HBO series "Game of Thrones". Thus, all fans of the show may enjoy the great opportunity to embark on a tour of the major filming locations like Winterfell and Riverrun. Ready to dive in the Game of Thrones universe?

And last but not least, a checkmark you have to make in your Belfast "must-do" list is popping in an authentic Irish pub! Northern Ireland is the motherland of Bushmills Whiskey so an evening in a bustling pub with a glass of quality whiskey will definitely add to your Belfast experience!

Best Things to Do in Belfast, United Kingdom

  • Explore the historic Belfast Castle
  • Stop by the Belfast City Hall
  • Visit the Museum Titanic in Belfast
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All Attractions in Belfast

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