Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

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About Belgrade

About Belgrade

Why Visit Belgrade, Serbia

No matter how long you're planning to stay in Serbia's capital, it will for sure win over your heart. Being one of the oldest permanent settlements in the world, the city has a unique and turbulent history. Adventurous, vivid, and spectacular Belgrade is full of surprises, as you never know what you'll find while exploring the city, be it a spectacular cathedral, a massive graffiti mural, or a grandiose coffee house on the riverside.

Despite the fact that the city of Belgrade is not located on the coastline, it has a Mediterranean spirit. Walk along the Sava promenade and explore the laid-back riverside bars, cozy cafes, and beautiful gardens.

Any Belgrade travel will be incomplete without having a stop by the Old Palace, today's City Assembly of Belgrade. One of the most outstanding works of Serbian academic architecture of the 19th century is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Continue your journey to the most impressive residential area, Dedinje, where Serbian royal families had their gorgeous palaces.

While in Belgrade, save some time to visit the Republic Square with its magnificent National Theater, National Museum, and Monument of Prince Mihailo Obrenovic. Be sure to explore Skadarska Street (Skadarlija in Serbian) for its pedestrian cobblestone streets and walkways lined with cafes and restaurants. Moreover, you definitely should include the biggest Orthodox church of Saint Sava to your Belgrade itinerary. Every day you can hear 50 bells melodically ringing from the bell towers and announcing noon. The Temple of Saint Sava has a special place in the heart of every Belgrader as it's always the center of all important holidays and celebrations.

Moreover, Belgrade knows how to party and have fun! Just wait till the sun goes down and you see the true Serbian lifestyle. Explore the Gardosh district filled with numerous bars and clubs and try famous traditional "rakija", a local kind of fruit brandy, usually made from apricots, pears, or peaches. The Serbian national version of this beverage is called "sljivovica" and is made from plums. So, cheers!

Best Things to Do on a Belgrade Vacation

  • Pay a visit to the Old Palace and the residential area Dedinje
  • Walk along the Sava promenade
  • Try sljivovica, traditional fruit brandy

All of the mentioned above is far from everything that the "white city" has to offer. All in all, Belgrade with its bright culture and the unique extraordinary vibe is a perfect and unforgettable addition to any Europe trip!

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