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Why Go to Berat, Albania

Welcome to amazing Berat, a UNESCO heritage town and one of the cities that Albania prides itself on the most. Located in the heart of a picturesque valley, Beret is a great place to learn about the Albanian culture and explore the spectacular nature of the country.

The Castle of Beret is one of the most significant sights in the city and a "must-visit" place during any Berat travel. Set high above the town, the impressive building dates back to the 13th century and offers to visit over 20 ancient Christian churches and a beautiful Ottoman mosque, the "Red Mosque". Inside the largest church, you can find several amazingly well-preserved 16th-century paintings and a beautifully decorated altar. But the most remarkable thing about the Beret Castle is that it isn't just a historical site, but also home to hundreds of people! Numerous stone houses inside the castle walls are still very much lived in, and wandering around the territory you can see laundry drying outside and the cars maneuvering the narrow cobbled streets of the castle.

One more thing you should add to your Berat travel list is food. If there is one thing that Albanians agree upon, it's that Berat does it best. Despite the modest size of the city, it's full of cozy cafes and restaurants, offering to enjoy the most delicious traditional Albanian cuisine. We especially recommend trying Tave Kosi, a young lamb baked with eggs, yogurt, and some traditional spices, as well as have some Fegese, a simple but mouth-watering dish made out of sweet peppers, skinned tomatoes, and onions, stewed with the fresh cottage cheese and herbs.

What to Do During Berat Tour

  • Explore the Catle of Beret
  • Take a picture of the Red Mosque
  • Try Tave Kosi and Feges
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