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Biarritz, France

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About Biarritz

About Biarritz

Why Visit Biarritz, France

Visit the seaside town of Biarritz on your next getaway to France! It's the place where different cultures, good food, and numerous activities blend into one bustling scenery, making it the perfect tourist destination. Flourishing ever since the arrival of Napoleon III, the beautiful resort town and gem of the Basque Country in France is one of the most popular ones among wealthy summer residents, as well as huge numbers of surfers flooding the golden coastline each year.

Surfing is a deep-rooted and possibly the most popular activity in the area. It is actually believed that surfing in Europe began in one of the beaches in Biarritz, so it's no surprise that the town is visited by masses of water sport enthusiasts to this day. Being an inseparable part of Biarritz travel, it has influenced its development as well. While some are out catching waves, others can enjoy on-shore attractions, such as grabbing a bite at one of the numerous snack bars or restaurants and exploring local boutiques and shops.

Biarritz sightseeing is full of beautiful sceneries and postcard-like views, which you can admire all over the town. Numerous beaches, such as Grande Plage and Plage de la Côte des Basques, are the perfect place to soak up the sun, while the Port Vieux is a lovely setting for strolling around. As a matter of fact, the wife of Napoleon III, Empress Eugenia fell in love with the sandy beaches in the area and decided to build a summer residence by the water, known as Hôtel du Palais. Nowadays the imposing palace is one of the main landmarks of the town.

Another well-known landmark is the Rock of the Virgin. Make sure to admire the resort town from a different perspective, as some of the beautiful views of Biarritz open up from the rock. There is a statue erected on top of it and to reach it, you'll have to cross the Eiffel Bridge, as the rock is surrounded by water. Some great views open up from the lighthouse as well, which is another significant point of interest on a Biarritz itinerary. You'll have to battle 248 steps to reach the top, but it is definitely worth it, as the lighthouse overlooks the beautiful coastline, which looks even more impressive during the sunset.

Best Things to Do in Biarritz, France

  • Stroll the old Port Vieux of Biarritz
  • Stop by the famous Hôtel du Palais
  • Catch the best city panoramas from the Rock of the Virgin
  • Taste the local specialties of the French Basque Country

Some other sites worth visiting include the Imperial Chapel, the Orthodox Church, and Musee de la Mer Aquarium, but that is not all. Biarritz is full of activities and places to explore, so don't hesitate to do just that and receive your share of the summer sun.

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