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Bonifacio, France

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About Bonifacio

About Bonifacio

Why Visit Bonifacio, France

Located in the southernmost part of Corsica, the fortified town of Bonifacio is a must while on the island. Surrounded by breathtaking nature, the town is often called the picturesque capital because of its beautiful sceneries. Providing with numerous leisurely activities, a bustling marina, authentic medieval architecture, and lovely beaches, Bonifacio travel is undoubtedly the perfect getaway.

Start your Bonifacio tour by exploring its beautiful architecture. Also known as the Citadel of Cliffs, the town is situated on multilayered lime-stone cliffs and is actually the oldest one in the island, thus it is no surprise that its architectural heritage is truly exceptional. Make sure to explore the medieval citadel, situated on a hilltop worth conquering for the beautiful views of ancient houses, cobbled streets of the old town and the ever-present lovely ambiance. Don't miss the chance to walk along the citadel walls!

Another crucial part of Bonifacio sightseeing is the bustling port area. The natural harbor provides with enough space for numerous yachts and fishing boats and is also the location offering a ferry service to the nearby island of Sardinia. If you want to take a better look at the cliffs around the city, hop on a boat ride at the Bonifacio port, relax and enjoy the awe-inspiring panoramas. The beautiful backdrop of the citadel uphill undoubtedly adds charm to the view!

Any Bonifacio itinerary is one full of fun pursuits as well, such as watersports, beaches, and a vivid restaurant scene. Enjoy the thrill of jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking or simply relax by taking a boat excursion or paddleboarding, when it comes to water, the possibilities in Bonifacio are endless. For those seeking a slower-paced vacation, the beautiful beaches in the area are exactly what's needed for the perfect holiday.

The restaurants are also worth exploring, as the town is famous for mouth-watering local delicacies, such as cheese stuffed clams, aubergines cooked the Bonifacio way, and the local Brocciu cheese.

Best Things to Do in Bonifacio, Corsica

  • Explore the medieval Bonifacio citadel
  • Spend enjoyable time by the Bonifacio port
  • Taste local specialties like cheese stuffed clams and Bonifacio aubergines

A day trip is always a good idea, thus, if you feel like you've seen all that Bonifacio has to offer, make sure to visit the charming Porto Vecchio nearby. Corsica is the next great destination, thus don't miss the chance to visit and witness the authenticity of Bonifacio with your own eyes!

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