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Why Visit Braga, Portugal

Without any doubt, Braga is a glorious destination and a must-visit city for any architecture fan. It's an ancient seat of religious power and one of Portugal's oldest cities which definitely won't leave you disappointed.

You can start your Braga travel by visiting the city's most popular attraction, the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary. This gorgeous 19th-century Neoclassical church is nestled on top of a hill, so to reach it, you need to make your way up the stairway, rising for more than 100 m (330 ft) and consisting of 640 steps (so make sure you have your walking shoes on). And on your way up, don't forget to check out the beautiful Baroque sculptures and amazing fountains. If you doubt that you can handle this ascent, taking the funicular railway is always an option. Built in the 19th century, it is considered to be the oldest funicular system in the world, using the water counterbalancing.

The beautiful Episcopal Palace is the former residence of the archbishops and one more Braga attraction from the "must-see" category. Apart from the fascinating architecture, it's renown for the amazing garden. All flower beds are made as sharp lines and straight geometric figures, but when the blooming starts and the garden fills with bright colors and incredible smells, the Sants Barbara turns into a fanciful combination of order and chaos. This beautiful garden is a perfect place to escape the intensity of the city for a moment, take a deep breath, and to allow yourself to do nothing but enjoy the beauty of the scenery.

Taking a stroll along Braga's city center, you are most likely to be captivated by the scenic Raio Palace. What makes it a real head-turner is an extravagant combination of class and individuality. The beautiful granite carvings on doors and windows, the noble pastel shade of the building's bricks are blended with the bright blue tiles, decorating the facade of the building. This exaggerated match slightly reminds of the unique architecture of Barcelona, and if you are in the mood to have a closer look, there is a free museum of medical artifacts inside, as well as information about the building's history available.

If the Raio Palace is really hard to miss, the small Chapel of Sao Frutuoso, on the contrary, is not too easy to find. This ancient Pre-Romanesque chapel dates back to the 7th century and hides in the Baroque church in the Rural area.

Best Things to Do During Braga Tours

  • Visit the breathtaking Misericordia Church, one of the few Renaissance monuments in Braga
  • Take a funicular up to the the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary
  • Check out the Biscainhos Museum, taking you back in the 17th century

There was some minor damage repairing in the 9th and 10th centuries, but apart from that, this incredible edifice has kept the original Greek cross layout since it was built.

And, of course, your Braga city tour won't do without enjoying the gorgeous panoramic views of the city, sitting somewhere in the rooftop bar with a glass of Portugal's famous vinho verde ("green wine") and a plate of delicious Cozido a Portuguesa.


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Explore the incredible Portuguese cities of Porto and Braga! Together with a small group of fellow travelers, you discover the fascinating winemaking history of sunny-kissed Porto, marvel at the beauty of the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus in Braga, and take your time to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of Portugal's nature, including the Duoro Valley Region and the pilgrimage route of Santiago.