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About Bruges

About Bruges

Why Visit Bruges, Belgium

Have you heard of the fabulous Belgian town that inspired Martin McDonagh to shoot his world-famous comedy "In Bruges"? Well, even if you feel far from the modern cinema and are a classic art follower, Bruges is not going to disappoint you either. Here you will be able to forget about civilization (in a good way) as Bruges will never annoy you with the lines of buzzing cars in traffic or endless glass towers and malls that have already become an inherent part of any metropolis of today. No, Bruges always lulls its guests with its peaceful panorama: beautiful old squares, romantic canals, historic bridges, and plenty of scenic chapels which create the atmosphere of what this medieval wonder is all about.

To start your Bruges itinerary (by the way, the sonorous name of the town comes from the word "bridge"), take a glimpse at the famous Belfry of Bruges. The elegant tower used to be an observation point and now is the most notable local highlight. Enjoy the splendor of the renowned historical building, the entrance and climb up inside the tower are offered as well, and then take a walk across the Market Square where the Belfry stands. The square is full of various shops, maybe you'd like to buy some souvenirs just to bring a bit of the enchanting town back home? During your stroll, you'll likely hear the stunning bell sound: 47 bells of the Belfry carillon doing their job.

Bruges boasts an incredible number of museums that seems even a bit disproportionate to such a relatively small town. What surprises more is the fact that here you can find not only traditional galleries but some really funny and bizarre exhibitions. Well, in no way we want to underestimate the cultural value of the Groeningemuseum, offering more than a thousand of European artists' masterpieces, including the works of such outstanding world-famous painters as Van Eych, Bosch and Magritte. But to make your Bruges journey an unforgettable outing, we suggest not to miss the Diamant Museum to learn the history of the diamond industry and even see the stages of its processing, sounds amazing, right?

The magic of your Bruges sightseeing tour may continue in "Choco-Story", the Museum of Chocolate lures the town's guests into the miraculous sweet world, all the more, who else but the Belgians are the best in the world when it comes to chocolate?

Best Things to Do in Bruges, Belgium

  • Catch the top city views from the Belfry of Bruges tower
  • Explore the Market Square, set right in the heart of town
  • Treat yourself to a memorable boat ride along Bruge's canals

The second national culinary pride is fries and yes, there's the special thematic sight in Bruges! The astounding Frietmuseum shows the history of potatoes and, for sure, here all those who're interested are welcomed to taste the delicious fried stripes cooked according to unique recipes. Smakelijk! (in Flemish, the most widespread language here, this word is used to say "enjoy your meal").

Summing up, in any case, it makes sense to reserve a couple of days of your journey to visit Bruges regardless if you plan to relax quietly in the well-preserved medieval location or crave new sensational experiences, including visual, audial and taste.

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