Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

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About Cappadocia

About Cappadocia

Why Visit Cappadocia, Turkey

Who hasn't dreamed of living in a fantasy world full of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered or exploring another planet? Unfortunately, for most people, the first is impossible and the second is highly unlikely, but you can do the best closest thing: visit incredible Cappadocia. Although the city of Cappadocia is located on Earth, it feels out of this world. Its landscape looks almost unreal and makes you think about one of the faraway planets from the "Star Trek" franchise.

The reason why this Turkish city seems so other-worldly is the dreamlike Fairy Chimneys (or "hoodoo" if you are interested in their scientific name), mushroom-shaped rocks rising out of the ground and looking like something from Salvador Dali's paintings. Even if we know that this phenomenon is the result of the volcanic eruptions and millions of years of erosion, it still feels supernatural. And famous Cappadocia's caves, carved in these peculiar formations, only reinforce the feeling. Make time to visit Pasabag (or the Monks Valley) to take a closer look at them.

But the beautifully bizarre sceneries are not the only thing attracting people from all around the globe. Cappadocia is truly a magical place because it doesn't matter what are you looking for in a holiday, the unique city has something to surprise you with. And there is no doubt that Cappadocia's underground city is one of those things. If you think the caves are impressive, the treasure beneath the city's ground will stun you. There are 36 underground cities hidden under Cappadocia, some of them are connected through a series of tunnels. And the rooms weren't just used as the temporary shelters or secret hiding places, people have actually lived there. Walking through the underground cities, you can see the compartments that used to be schools, chapels, and even stables. And the exploration of the tunnels is still work in progress, one of the biggest ancient cities was discovered in 2014.

The Goreme Open Air Museum is also a "must-visit" place during your Cappadocia tour. This ancient monastic settlement is a treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site. The museum invites to have a look at dozens of churches, carved from rocks thousands of years ago. The chapels are beautifully decorated on the inside and even today the frescoes look like they were pained yesterday and not around the 900-1200 AD as if by magic.

"Must" Things to Do in Cappadocia

  • Enjoy an unforgettable hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia
  • Explore the underground city of Cappadocia
  • Visit the Goreme Open Air Museum

And don't forget about the other fairytale calling card of Cappadocia - hot air balloons. There is no more spectacular way to enjoy the phenomenal views over the city than from the balloon's wicker basket, as you rise higher and higher, surrounded by hundreds of colorful balloons and the endless sky. And the views of the sky of Cappadocia filled with hot air balloons from the ground are almost just as impressive.

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