Chisinau, Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova

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About Chisinau

About Chisinau

Why Visit Chisinau, Moldova

Do you have an interest in the history of Soviet Europe or maybe you’re eager to immerse yourself into the untypical gastronomical world? Then, a Moldova vacation, starting from the city of Chisinau, can be a perfect addition to your European getaway plans.

This off-the-beaten-path destination still has the spirit of a typical Soviet city with the buildings that have stories to tell and offer plenty of fascinating things to see and do. Just wandering around the streets of Chisinau can already lead you among the great examples of brutal Stalinist architecture scattered around the city.

Being the proud capital of Moldova, Chisinau is deservingly a city of natural parks and historic museums including lots of local must-sees such as the well-known Central Park with the spectacular Triumph Arch (the most iconic symbol of the city), the Pushkin Museum, and the Memorial Park. Other places that, without a doubt, must be a part of your Chisinau itinerary are the Cathedral of Nativity (the center of faith in the country), the massive Parlament of the Republic of Moldova, the majestic National Theater, and the Organ Hall.

Did you know that petite Moldova produced two-thirds of all the wine that was consumed in the Soviet Union? The country has a rich and extensive history of wine production and even today this beverage is an inseparable part of Moldovian culture. Don’t miss your chance to try the most delicious wine in Cricova, a real city underground and the second largest wine cellars in the world where even Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel have their own wine collections. Carefully kept in these “caves” and surrounded by the silence of dungeons, Cricova wine has an incomparable taste and exceptional qualities.

Best Things to Do in Chisinau

  • Try the most delicious wine in the Cricova wine cellars
  • Explore the Arch of Triumph and Cathedral of the Nativity
  • Appreciate the uniqueness of the Soviet architecture

This atmospherical city for sure won’t leave anyone indifferent, so make sure to enrich your Moldova travel with this many-sided destination!

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