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About Chur

About Chur

Why Visit Chur, Switzerland

Nestled at the foot of the scenic Swiss Alps, tiny Chur is known as the most ancient inhabited hub on the territory of Switzerland. Despite its comparatively small size, Chur maintains its unique individuality and a pretty rich cultural legacy which simply enchants.

Being an ideal place for romantic walks, the car-free streets of Chur are literally imbued with historic flair, housing mighty towers, medieval houses and cathedrals worth visiting during your Chur travel. 

One of the most popular landmarks in the city is the iconic Martinskirche dating back to the 8th century. Rebuilt in the 15th century it features details of the Gothic style, along with stained-glass windows and an iconic spire with a clock, which is now an essential element of the cityscape.

A crucial part of Chur sightseeing is exploring the old town of the city, also known as Altstadt. Situated by the Plessur River it is one of the best places for strolling around and admiring the surroundings, as well as getting acquainted with the history of the area. Stop to admire the Obertor at the entrance to the old town, another beautiful piece of architectural heritage on Chur tour.

In addition to that, Chur is also an important junction on the highest Swiss railway so planning a ride onboard Bernina Express to get inspired by the extraterrestrial mountain views is another must to include in your Chur itinerary.

Best Things to Do in Chur, Switzerland

  • Traverse the Chur old town
  • Take a ride on the Bernina Express
  • Visit the St. Martin's Church, also called Martinskirche
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