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About Conwy

About Conwy

Why Visit Conwy, United Kingdom

Welcome to Conwy, one of the most remarkable towns in Wales. The extraordinary market town attracts a growing number of tourists each year for a reason.

Its surroundings are jaw-droppingly beautiful, the plentiful museum scene provides with numerous great places to visit, and the architectural heritage includes such monuments as the Conwy Castle, which is actually a World Heritage Site.

The imposing site dates back to the 13th century and features impressive dark stoned exterior, as well as eight round towers and the defensive walls. Located on hilly terrain, it is a crucial part of the cityscape and a major tourist attraction. In addition to the beautiful castle itself, you can actually climb to the Great Hall to enjoy the spectacular views over the surroundings as well! 

Conwy sightseeing offers the possibility to admire the medieval charm in a nutshell, as its cobbled streets and authentic architecture will surely take you back in time.

For some views from a different perspective, don't miss the chance to walk the city walls, one of the most scenic routes on the Conwy tour. 

Another charming point on Conwy itinerary is the Quay House, the smallest house in Britain. Even though measuring only 3.05m by 1.83m (10ft by 6ft), the house cannot be missed as its bright red exterior truly stands out in the picturesque scenery of the city. 

Best Things to Do in Conwy, Wales

  • Explore the Conwy Castle
  • Stop by the Quay House
  • Enjoy the beautiful Welsh nature
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