Dalanzadgad, Mongolia

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

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About Dalanzadgad

About Dalanzadgad

Why Travel to Dalanzadgad, Mongolia

Thinking about a desert, people usually picture the unbearable heat, strong winds, and endless dunes. If that's your case than Dalanzadgad is about to surprise you. Welcome to the charming capital of the Omnogobi province, a magical place where you can find ice in the desert even if it's the middle of June.

Hundreds of people add Dalanzadgad to their Mongolia itinerary every year because of its amazing location. This small town is nestled in the middle of the majestic Gobi Desert, 540 km (335 mi) away from the scenic capital of the country, 1470 m (4820 ft) above the sea level, and, most importantly, near the Gurvan Saikhan National Park (one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mongolia).

There are several places you can't miss during your Dalanzadgad travel, exploring the unique desert park. One of them is the impressive Khongoryn Els, boasting some of the biggest and most spectacular dunes in the country. It looks exactly like you would expect a desert to look like and provides some excellent photo opportunities. This incredible place is also known as the "Duut Mankhan" or the "Singing Dunes", due to the particular sound the sand makes when the wind is blowing.

Another place to add to your Mongolia bucket list are the scenic Flaming Cliffs, famous for being the place where the first dinosaur egg was found. This place got its name because of the out-of-this-world landscape. It's better to visit the Flaming Cliffs in the evening, in the rays of the setting sun the magnificent cliffs turn carmine, offering some of the most striking panoramas in the country.

Also, make sure to visit the Yolyn Am during your Dalanzadgad trip. Its name can be translated as the "Valley of Eagles". It's among the best places in the Gurvan Saikhan National Park to explore the wildlife of the region. As the name suggests, Yola Am is a great spot to look for the Golden Eagles in their natural habitat as well as the vultures and the wild Agrli sheep.

What to Do During Dalanzadgad Tour

  • Explore the Khongoryn Els
  • Take a picture of the Flaming Cliffs at the sunset
  • Visit the Yolyn Am
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