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About Denali

About Denali

Why Visit Denali, Alaska

Denali Borough is mostly known by climbers for Denali Mountain that reaches an astonishing 20,310 feet (6,190m) and the otherworldly Alaskan Range, which is the heart and the soul of the Denali National Park

Travellers from all around the world come to Denali not only to conquer the peak of Denali High but also to take interest in the native and endangered wildlife of Alaska like polar bears, wood bison, Eskimo curlews, albatrosses, and many others.

Jaw-dropping scenery all around is another reason for wanderlusts to come and visit Denali. There are not many places on this planet where the harsh winter combines with stunning greenery just a few thousand meters below. When both landscapes will crossover as you gazed around, you will understand why many of the travelers want to keep returning to Alaska.

Denali National Park is by far the biggest attracting factor to Denali, Alaska, and no wonder why! Everything that you would wish to see in Alaska is concentrated in one convenient location, including cafes with warm and cold beverages, restaurants with mouthwatering BBQ ribs, and of course, more than you can count scenic landscapes all around.

Denali provides many excellent photo-taking opportunity locations for beginners where they can practice taking magnificent pictures of their surroundings, and professionals alike. Regardless of during which season you plan to go to Denali, there will be plenty of equally gorgeous hiking trails that are hosted by guides that will, along your journey, tell you everything about the surrounding flora and fauna. On top of all that, if you are a returning Denali traveler, you can test your knowledge of the place and choose to camp at one of the six campgrounds by yourself or with your close ones and host an adventure that will go by your rules. Choose Denali as one of your destinations in Alaska and treat yourself to a holiday you deserve with Firebird Tours!

Best Things to Do in Denali

  • Visit Denali National Park, one of the largest parks in the United States
  • Go on a Winter or Summer hike along one of many trails and find out more about native flora and fauna
  • Enjoy delicious local cuisine at the cafes and restaurants of Denali National Park
  • Plan your own adventure and camp at one of the six campsites the way you envision it
  • Try yourself at photography and take the chance to capture some of the life's most beautiful moments

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Top Attractions in Denali

Top Attractions in Denali

Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Denali Borough arguably became the most famous location in all of Alaska, even more than its capital Juneau, for being home to Denali National Park & Preserve. So why is it so remarkable?

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