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Why Visit Dijon, France

Located in eastern France, Dijon is the capital of the well-known Burgundy region. It is the perfect place for exploring the beautiful sites and getting acquainted with the history of the area, as well as encountering a vivid cultural scene and sampling some of the best gourmet dishes. Indeed, Dijon sightseeing has everything that is needed for a great travel experience!

A great place to begin exploring the city is the Eglise Notre-Dame. Located in the city center the imposing church has a facade featuring a triple row of gargoyles and a clock tower dating back to the 14th century. It is a crucial stop on any Dijon itinerary, as the church will definitely leave you speechless.

Make sure to find the statue of an owl on a chapel standing adjacent to the church! It is believed that the statue is a good luck charm, thus according to the tradition, you have to touch the left hand of the owl and make a wish.

Just a short walk away from the church, you'll find the Palais des Ducs, another grand architectural monument. Being a small fortress at first, the palace developed and changed throughout the years, being rebuilt or reconstructed several times. The visitors can enjoy the decorative details of the Baroque style outside the building or take a look at the kitchen inside, with 6 grand fireplaces that have been used to feed the huge numbers of guests.

Don't miss the chance to see the city from a higher perspective and climb up to the Philippe le Bon Tower. A viewing terrace on top overlooks the whole of the city and provides some surely stunning panoramas. The tower is actually one of the oldest surviving sections of the Palais des Ducs! After successfully battling 316 steps up the tower, make your way down to the old Ducal Quarter nearby, to stroll around and admire the authentic ambiance of the surroundings.

All in all, with so much to offer travelers, make sure not to leave Dijon until you tick all the boxes on your list!

Best Things to Do in Dijon, France

  • Visit the Eglise Notre-Dame
  • Check out the Palais des Ducs
  • Catch the best city views from the Philippe le Bon Tower

The list of points of interest during Dijon tour goes on with Musee des Beaux-Arts, Cathedrale Saint-Benigne, Chartreuse de Champmol, and numerous other monuments to visit.

Whats for culinary delights, make sure to try the local wine as well as the renown Dijon mustard and Dijon honey chicken.

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