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About Dresden

About Dresden

Why Visit Dresden, Germany

Charming Dresden is the capital of the federal state of Saxony, located in eastern Germany. The city, often referred to as "Florence on the Elbe", is considered to be one of the most important cultural centers of the country and entire Europe. Moreover, Dresden is the pearl of Baroque and a European art center which preserves lots of one-of-a-kind attractions.

Boasting more than 800-year history, Dresden was practically destroyed during World War II and carefully restored again. To tell the truth, the capital of Saxony has always been famous for its fancy decorations and beautiful architecture, for which it owes the famous Saxon ruler, Augustus the Strong. The Elector almost spent the entire Saxon treasury on his architectural fantasies and impressive collection of paintings.

Modern Dresden continues to please travelers' eyes with its grandeur. The most interesting part of the city is its old town (Altstadt), located on the left bank of the River Elbe and famous for the beautiful 17-19th century Baroque and Renaissance architecture. The true symbol and the signature landmark of Dresden is the Lutheran church Frauenkirche, built in the 18th century.

Other sights, deserving attention during your Dresden sightseeing include Zwinger, the masterpiece of German Baroque, which houses the most famous exhibition halls in Germany and includes an art gallery, a collection of porcelain and a museum of mathematics and physics. The Royal Palace of the 15th century and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Hofkirche, which astounds imagination by its amazing facades, deserve a spot on your Dresden itinerary as well.

You may also visit such highlights as: the Palace Secundogenitur, the Church Kreuzkirche, Taschenberg Palace, and the Opera House Semperoper.

It is important to mention that Dresden is quite a green city, as parks and green spaces occupy about 60% of Dresden territory. Pretty impressive, right? So if you are fond of long peaceful walks coupled with extensive cultural sightseeing, Dresden definitely has it all to please you on your lovely Germany trip.

Highlights of Dresden Tourism

  • Explore Altstadt, the beautiful Dresden old town
  • Visit the Lutheran church, Frauenkirche
  • Stop by the 15th-century Royal Palace
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