Dunhuang, China

Dunhuang, China

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About Dunhuang

About Dunhuang

Why Visit Dunhuang, China

Located in north-western China, the city of Dunhuang is a significant part of the UNESCO-listed Silk Road and a must-visit while in the area.

Situated in an oasis by the Taklamakan Desert, Dunhuang is surrounded by the vast beauty of the Gobi Desert at the other side, offering some truly picturesque sandy sceneries. Postcard-like images are not the only thing making the location of the city special, as it used to be the main trade center among China and the western countries.

While exploring the golden dunes of the deserts, make sure to visit the Mingsha Shan. Also known as the Echoing-Sand Mountain, it produces sounds ranging from a gentle buzz to loud roars as the wind blows along its edges or as you slide down the mountain yourself. 

Sand dunes sledding is actually a very popular activity in the area and a must-try during Dunhuang travel. There is even a festival dedicated to that, taking place in the city every year on the first day of June.

Another crucial part of Dunhuang sightseeing is the renowned Magao Thousand Buddha Cave Complex containing nearly 500 caves. The site also features a large collection of numerous documents, sculptures, murals and other exhibits depicting the culture and history of the city throughout the years.

Some other points of interest on Dunhuang tour are the Yadan National Park, and the Dunhuang Museum.

Best Things to Do in Dunhuang, China

  • Explore the Magao Thousand Buddha Cave Complex
  • Enjoy the city's unique location between two deserts
  • Check out the Singing Sand Dune