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About Esbjerg

About Esbjerg

Why Go on Esbjerg, Denmark Holidays

Apart from being an integral part of Denmark's offshore oil and gas industry, Esbjerg is home to many natural and man-made attractions.

During your Esbjerg sightseeing, explore the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, one of the city's most popular tourist attractions with outdoor and indoor territories, including an unforgettable saltwater aquarium and its Sealarium with rare grey seals and twice daily feeding displays.

Opposite the museum is the "Men at Sea" monument, Esbjerg's most famous landmark. Four figures standing 27 feet high were erected in 1994 to mark the 100th anniversary of the municipality and can be seen when approaching the town by ferry.

This seaport town has many great museums including the Esbjerg Museum with its prehistoric displays and an Amber exhibition.

Whereas the Kunst Museum is the place for fans of art with an impressive and large collection of both classic and modern works.

Furthermore, Esbjerg is a popular location for tourists who love nature. Here at the nature reserve by the Wadden Sea, one of the world's top ten tidal flats, reside hundreds of migrating birds as well as the largest population of seals in Denmark.

The restaurant scene should also be explored while in Esbjerg as it provides with numerous places to taste the local Danish fish dishes or Smorrebrods, traditional open-faced sandwiches. After tasting the authentic delicacies, go souvenir hunting on the longest shopping street in Denmark, located in Esbjerg as well. 

Best Things to Do in Esbjerg, Denmark

  • Visit the unique Fisheries and Maritime Museum
  • Stop by the famous Men at Sea Monument
  • Go on a bird-watching boat tour
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