Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

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About Frankfurt

About Frankfurt

Visit Frankfurt: Germany's Financial Capital

Situated on the banks of the River Main, Frankfurt is the major financial hub of Germany and Europe, housing the headquarters of more than 300 banks, European Central Bank included. And it's no surprise that every fifth citizen of Frankfurt is involved in the financial sphere.

Moreover, Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in the country, boasting mindblowing diversity coupled with the harmonious coexistence of metropolis bustle and traditional culture.

The main landmark of Frankfurt that should be definitely listed in your Germany vacation plan is its skyscrapers. Can you imagine that Frankfurt alone has more skyscrapers than the rest of Germany taken together? 13 buildings of the city have the height of over 150 meters (493 ft), making Frankfurt the third city in Europe in quantity of skyscrapers after the European tall-building leaders, London and Paris.

However, vibrant Frankfurt is obviously famous not only for its high buildings. This German city is a large cultural and scientific center, having lots of museums, two botanical gardens and one of the most renowned universities in Germany and the world, Goethe University.

The major recreation place worth visiting during your Frankfurt tour is its Museumsufer, set along the banks of the River Main and housing the historic art museum Stadel. To tell the truth, Frankfurt experienced serious damages during World War II and hasn't managed to keep lots of historic highlights.

If you seek for a touch of the Middle Ages, you can add the iconic 15th-century town hall Romer to your Frankfurt travel itinerary, have a stroll along the Old Town Romerberg, and see the old Goethe House.

Best Things to Do in Frankfurt, Germany

  • Stop by the historic Romer Town Hall
  • Catch the top city views from one of the skyscrapers
  • Explore Frankfurt's Museumsufer
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