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About Galway

About Galway

Why Visit Galway, Ireland

Galway is the perfect fusion of culture, nature, and architecture to discover on your next getaway. Located in western Ireland, the harbor city provides with numerous monumental sites to visit, and bustling medieval streets to explore. 

Start your Galway tour by visiting the imposing St Nicholas's Church, the biggest medieval parish church in the entire country. Dating back to the 14th century, it is actually one of the best-known landmarks of the city. 

Another landmark on the Galway tour is the one-of-a-kind Galway Cathedral, featuring grand stonework, detailed mosaics, and a stunning dome topping it all of. It is not only a joy for the eyes to see, as the cathedral is nowadays often used as a venue for numerous concerts and events in the city.

In addition to that, it is important to explore the unique medieval old town and the old city walls as well, taking you back in time while you stroll around the cobbled surfaces.

Don't forget to visit the Galway City Museum to delve into the museum scene in the city and move on later to discover the pub one as well. A local pub should be included on your Galway itinerary as it is the best way to get acquainted with the drinks specific of the area, as well as other delicacy-related customs in Galway.

After exploring the city's bustling streets and its culture, make sure to admire the picturesque nature and stroll along Salthill Promenade on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
In conclusion, we would like to share the popular Asian proverb that tells: “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times” so that we enhance you get all of your inspiration and build the Ireland itinerary of your dream now!

Best Things to Do in Galway, Ireland

  • Visit the St. Nicholas's Church
  • Explore the Galway City Museum
  • Have an enjoyable stroll along the Salthill Promenade

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Top Attractions in Galway

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