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Geneva, Switzerland

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About Geneva

About Geneva

Why Visit Geneva, Switzerland

Imagine a place that can bring the world together. Situated along the banks of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps, Geneva sparkles as one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Home to the European headquarters of the United Nations, Geneva has a long history of diversity and tolerance.

In Geneva world-class entertainment, top-rated restaurants and unlimited opportunities for recreation are all easily accessible and are must-visit places in your Switzerland travel plan. The city offers international cuisine as well as its delicious traditional cuisine. We recommend trying a caprese salad with locally grown ingredients.

In the afternoons, breathe in the fresh air of the lake on a stroll along the promenades or catch a musical firework display during the Geneva festival. Its diverse range of cultural landmarks and museums makes Geneva a unique experience. Here are some places we recommend to place on your Geneva itinerary: the United Nations building, the Red Cross Museum, the Art and History Museum, as well as the Jet d'Eau.

The city's most famous monument and absolute "must-see" on Geneva tours, Jet d'Eau, is the world's tallest water fountain offers stunning views of the Alps beyond and the towering it.

The Old Town of the second most populous city in Switzerland is a unique Gothic maze of cobblestone streets topped by historic Saint Peter's Cathedral and the Town Hall where the League of Nations and the Red Cross were founded. There are over 30 museums and galleries in this city including the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Without a doubt, there is something for everyone in Geneva. You can take a leisurely stroll through the Bastions Park, play a game at the life-size chess board or cross the river to experience the bohemian burg of the Carouge neighborhood and its famous jazz clubs. Party-goers can find a music gig or join a themed party at one of many nightclubs in the center.

Best Things to Do in Geneva, Switzerland

  • Check out Geneva's Saint Peter's Cathedral and the Town Hall
  • Stop by the United Nations building
  • Enjoy the views of the Jet d'Eau over Lake Geneva

Be sure to check out Geneva's famous Market Street where you can go window-shopping and buy a Swiss watch. Visit Geneva Switzerland - the world's most compact metropolis and "Peace Capital".

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