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About Glasgow

About Glasgow

Why Visit Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow is the gem of Scotland you can not miss the chance to see! This bustling port city is one of the most impressive amalgams of heritage and entertainment, as monuments of history and culture in the area intertwine with the flourishing scene of modern-day wonders.

The most significant and possibly the most popular point of interest in the city is the marvelous Glasgow Cathedral, built back in the 13th century. The imposing monument takes you back in time featuring marvelous Gothic architecture, a unique dark interior, a magnificent stone choir and depictions of the Apostles on the stained glass windows. 

Situated nearby the Cathedral, the 19th century Glasgow Necropolis is another must on Glasgow itinerary. The scenic site commemorates over 50,000 people with extraordinary statues and other architectural wonders taking place in the Victorian cemetery. 

In addition to that, George Square and the Merchant District should also be explored during the Glasgow tour as well, along with the vast museum scene in the city. Some of the most popular ones include the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and Scotland Street School Museum.

Those seeking to discover some examples of modern architecture will undoubtedly enjoy marveling at the Riverside Museum or Glasgow Science Center. Plus, there are plenty of green spaces to discover in the city as well, such as the Kibble Palace and Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

Become a real creator of your dream journey and plan your Scotland travel to fall in love with the new places you've never been to and people you’ve never met! And if you are wondering how to get to Glasgow from the capital of England, London, do not hesitate to take a high-speed London to Glasgow train and enjoy a pleasant journey.

Best Things to Do in Glasgow, Scotland

  • Visit the historic Glasgow Cathedral
  • Stop by the George Square & Merchant District
  • Unwind in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Learn everything you need to know about the Glasgow museums.

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Top Attractions in Glasgow

Top Attractions in Glasgow

Sightseeing Glasgow
Embark on an extensive Glasgow tour and marvel at numerous examples of Victorian and art nouveau architecture, as well as some of the most iconic landmarks in Scotland.
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All Attractions in Glasgow

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